The Top 100 Australian Blogs Index

Following on from my two recent posts, I have finally released “The Top 100 Australian Blogs Index“.

This will be a fixed page on this blog, which I will undertake to maintain as regularly as time permits – hopefully weekly, but I’m not making any firm commitment! It’s still a manual process 😦 .

The list combines both Technorati Ranking and Alexa Ranking, and I have explained the methodology in my “About the Index” page.

I’d really love feedback! I want to get this right.

If you think you can improve on the methodology, disagree with the way it’s been compiled, think you should be included, think a site shouldn’t be included – anything, please leave a comment. If you don’t want your comment published (all comments here are moderated) then leave your name with (Private) in brackets afterwards, and it won’t be published. Alternatively you can contact me via the email address on the “about me” page.

I reserve the right to not include blogs that I consider “inappropriate” – deal with it 😀

This index evolved from Craig Harper’s Ultimate Aussie Blogroll, which is based on Technorati solely, but now bares little resemblance.

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