Update on the Top Aussie Bloggers

Well it certainly has been an eventful couple of days. I can finally come up for air.

It seems that a “List” brings out a few different types of people;

  1. Those that are happy to be on the list
  2. Those that didn’t make it, but appreciate the fact that the list exists
  3. Those that weren’t included, should have been, and quietly raise their hand in the appropriate place, and ask “What about me”?
  4. Those that weren’t included, should have been, and whinge about it – but couldn’t be bothered mentioning it to the “someone” who had compiled the list
  5. Those that want to rubbish the content of the bloggers who did make it.

This list was never intended to be controversial, or create a division within the Australian blogging community. I don’t think it is appropriate to criticise the topic of a blog. Each blog has its following of people interested in that topic. Whether it’s food, photography, politics, parenting or about blogging itself. We all have our interests. Some pompous elitists just don’t get that.

Furthermore I would like to add that the formula will not work if a blog doesn’t have a Technorati Ranking. Visit Technorati to claim your blog.

Special thanks to:
Craig Harper, Darren Rowse, Alister Cameron and Duncan Riley for their support and Scott Yang for providing script that is going to make updating this list so much easier.

And all the other bloggers who have left wonderful supportive comments.

The index has been updated. This blog is not on it. I have excluded myself.

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