Podcast Favourites

PodcastI’m slowly rejigging the site and making it more about me. Hopefully I haven’t cheesed off any former bloggers but I amended the links section and created a podcast favourites list, removing the previous Aussie Bloggers roll. Apologies in advance but I’m yet to meet you 🙂

Spending so much time traveling, both driving to the station then on the train, has given me the chance to listen to numerous preachers, teachers and beseechers! So I put together a list of favourite podcasts that I regularly subscribe to. This list is currently sitting on my ipod and will probably form part of what I chat about sometime soon as they fill a significant period of my quiet time.

I always get harassed for the podcast list, and anyone who really knows me would definitely have heard me say “I was listening to this great podcast the other day and … ”

Most recently I’ve subscribed to Daily Audio Bible – a great site with tons of free resources. It’s a great way to get into the word at least once a day!

If I’ve missed anyone that should be on this list please drop me a line …

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