The Age of i

Welcome to the age of ‘i’ announces this luddite!

Finally I have joined the i with the purchase of an iPhone 4.0 (yep could have waited for 5 but I’m a laggard when it comes to mobile phones).

I am sure that all that needs to be said about iPhones has been said, that they have all these great applications, podcast access and more. But I have to say I love i technology 🙂

As such an avid listener to podcasts on my iPod classic for the past few years the thought of carrying around my Blackberry and iPod never seemed to evolve to combining to one handheld device – a device that could be both a phone and an ipod … who would have thought such a thing could exist! It even takes photos 😉

So I have joined the throngs of stupefied zombies on the train intent more on the small handheld device than which station we’re at … not to worry, there’s an app for that – I’ll just check my phone to see what the next station is!

Caught in a world of Skype, Facebook and Twitter apps using Safari browsers – I feel like I have a whole new world of jargon to get in touch with. Numerous apps to explore. YouTube videos to watch. Watch my position on the map change. I CAN EVEN MAKE PHONE CALLS!!!

So, if you haven’t guessed yet I enjoy my i … and i and I are about to pack up and go home.

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