Architect of a Generation

I came across this poem written many years ago – it was one of my favourites and was written pre children 🙂

Architect of a Generation

(April, 2001)

I was given inspiration
From an unexpected source
The setting of an old wares store
Proved the unlikely resource

A woman spoke to me of children
Of advise given by her mum
Passed to her many years ago
At the birth of her new born son

She proceeded to explain
Though her mum was not profound
That those words offered early
For her life she was bound …

“A child’s not property
A child you cannot own
Although you’ll spend years creating
It more a kind of loan”

“A child’s like a building
Your job is to build the base
They will build the structure
That’s offered to the human race”

So as the architect of a generation
Ensure the supports are sound
For within another thirty years
Their turn will come around.


5 responses to “Architect of a Generation

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  2. at times, inspirations from unexpected sources are divine.

    well done,

    the imagery is stunning and beautiful.
    keep it up.

  3. I could see a song come out of that! 🙂

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