Children & Technology

I guess I shouldn’t be amazed but kids and technology just go hand in hand. 20110626-043510.jpgBy 4, my son just can’t wait to get his hands on my iPhone, navigate his way through to photo accessories, start taking pics with various special designs, without any thought as to what he is doing. No appreciation of the tools, the endless programming, the amazing advances, the history of SLR’s and the fact that creating these sorts of effects, only a decade ago, required significant skill and training. Now, point, click, review, add effect – semi professional 4 year old abstract photography.

20110626-043525.jpgBy seven, well my daughter is an old hand! Taking photos with special effects, whoopie! Now she’s asking can we post this to Facebook. I’m waiting for her to ask about creating her own social profile.

Gen X First Wave

As part of Gen X, we were at the forefront of home pc technology and gaming. So tech comes almost second nature to us – yet to my children, wow there’s never been life without it.

With Twitter, Facebook, iPhone’s, eyetoy’s and more already here what’s the glimpse of gaming, of technology in the future?

Virtual reality has been around for decades, but is really emerging now. When I used to work with Commodore we played with early VR, Amiga’s and more. Running PC shows, I remember then how advanced some of the users were – how much more so today.

Speed of Change

Obviously age is starting to creep in – rather than crave the next wave of technology, I’m finding it a little too expensive to want to keep up … just want my new gadget to be relevant for more than a blink of an eye. The kids however, the faster the better – Dad, kids at school said we should have this or that app! How do they even know!

2 responses to “Children & Technology

  1. Being a part of Generation Y myself, I hear all too often “Well this is just easier for you!”. I think it has a lot to do with how early we are exposed to it just as you say. If you teach a child another language at an early age they are much more likely to retain it and learn other languages as well. It is the same thing for technology. When they roll out a new program or piece of equipment at work, I barely have a drop of sweat because I know with just a day of playing around with it I can have it basically figured out and move on. I am always very impressed with the older adults I work with who put a lot of effort into keeping up. I hope I can do that when technology gets too far out of reach for me!

    Great article, thanks for sharing! Encourage your child to keep learning! Technology is a huge booming field with lots of jobs!!!

    • You’re spot on about being involved with tech from an early age – and I’m always game to take on a new program or app … even though I recognise I’m becoming a laggard in uptake! Thanks for your feedback.

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