The Awesome Age of Technology

Waiting for Money

Friday lunch time, pay day for many and what do I see at my local ATM? An enormous queue!

I’m talking 12 – 15 people queuing to withdraw a few bucks from the hole in the wall.

This may not seem overly remarkable accept that the hole in the wall was attached to a bank … an entirely empty one. While a dozen people wait patiently in a queue, I walk straight into the bank up to a teller – you know, those real people that have access to a computer and a till – and make a withdrawal.

All the while, outside still queuing are a dozen or so people completely oblivious to this service the banks offer.

Are You Technology Mad?

We seem to have become technology mad … so tuned in to living with automated machinery that we forget there are sometimes alternatives.

A number of times I’ve caught myself plugging in my parents address or something equally stupid to my GPS. Then, even though I knew how to get there, I’ve followed the directions while thinking to myself – well I wouldn’t go this way!

Or the ultimate, texting someone in the next room! Not that I’ve ever done that.

Top 10 Signs You’re a Technology Tragic

So here’s the top 10 list to see if you are technology mad. To see whether you are beyond the point of salvation, that you should request an auto-botomy:

  • People work in a bank?
  • Shorthand to you is LOL and ❤
  • A spider is a search engine program
  • Changed your name to Qwerty by deed poll
  • You need a GPS to get out the driveway
  • WIFI WAP APP makes sense
  • If it’s not on foursquare you mustn’t have been
  • Guitar virtuoso … on Guitar Hero
  • Your geography is limited to WOW realms
  • Going viral is actually good

So how did you go? Do you require the modern lobotomy? The Auto-botomy. Self confessed technology junkie? Or is there still enough gray matter to spot the alternatives.

15 responses to “The Awesome Age of Technology

  1. I have worked in tech for over 30 years.Just imagine the changes I have witnessed.I naturally am pro technology,however I believe that although technology is progressive and supportive to us, we are now entering a scary new area.That is the automation of technology itself an uncontrolled entity that removes the human factor or to put it simply, when the bank teller runs low on cash she/he walks to the safe. The ATM sends a request to a database which instructs the lowly human . Think about it !

    • Ronnie, thanks for the comment – been in and around tech for quite some time too – including Commodore and the Amiga’s! Oh the reminiscing. Agree though, that as an enabler technology is a great tool – to shift the balance to the human becoming the enabler seems counter productive.

  2. As a telecommunications consultant, technology is a constant. Sometimes I long for just sending a plain old interoffice envelope instead of a text or email. Sometimes I simply take a walk over to the desk of the person I am communicating with and start a conversation. I really empathize with your ATM example. So true!

  3. Email – we have migrated to Gtalk and SalesForce Chatter … I’m pining for the simple email now!

  4. I enjoyed this post. We really must laugh at ourselves sometimes. And we also need to be more aware of how mind numbing automation can be. Once recently I went to through the drive-through ATM, deposited a check, withdrew some cash, took my receipt, and left the cash. I was just on auto-pilot!

    • Thanks Jayna for your comments … we haven’t moved to drive through ATM’s in Aus yet so luckily I haven’t experienced that. Be nice to be the next car in line though!!!

  5. Funny post! Regarding the bank thing though; one of my old banks did start this policy where you had to pay $2 to see a teller. If you performed your transaction at the ATM, then there was no fee. This was suppossed to be an incentive for people to use the ATM’s (and probably lay off some of the teller staff). Fortunately, this policy was short lived. I wonder what the bank discovered from it?

  6. Gray Matter? What’s that?…lol

    I am guilty of some of these things. In fact I do all of my banking online..and have for about the last 10 yrs. What makes that so funny is that…I needed a check for something one day…an actual check…I had NO CLUE where I had the few remaining checks that have survived my digital epiphany for online banking….so…I had to order a box of check…just so I would have one. If that wasn’t funny enough…I had to actually walk into the bank to do it…I must admit…it was strange as this is a bank I had been going to my whole life. It all felt so foreign. And while I would never had stood on line for an ATM…I don’t know that it would occur to me to go visit the teller either…lol

    Thanks for such a great post!

  7. Brilliant post, I get the same things about ATMs – where I work in London there are three ATMs and on a Friday at 1pm the queue must be about 10 to 15 people long! Just walk down the road and you have a bank that has no queue inside…what gives? Are people afraid of human interaction these days.

    I think you need to add another number to that lobotomy list – Facebook becomes a verb rather than a noun. “Facebook me later”, “I’ll Facebook you”….

    • Thanks David, I saw an equivalent yesterday with shopping queues – huge line at self serve and minimal line at checkouts? It’s bizarre. Agree too about Facebook … a little like Google it’s use is being transformed, another is “YouTube it”.

  8. As an IT Consultant, this article sure hits home. Sometimes we forget we have brains of our own! Great post here.

    Love Monkey | Dating Advice for Men from a Male POV

  9. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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