Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

Bar Coded

Here’s my branding,
What’s your standing?
It’s a no no –
To have no logo.
Here’s your class,
What’s your category?
Sit over there …
That’s where you fit.

I’m a generalisation,
I’m the typical one.
Sit between 20 and 41.
Just a part of a culture,
My beliefs are the same.
Choices are all just
a societal pain.

Part of a category,
Target market.
Just one of many,
Not one of few.
Potential consumer,
A passing number –
Ask the TV what
I’m meant to do

Telephone canvass,
Customer poll,
Marketing blitz –
Taking its toll.
Just another consumer,
Target market,
Someone please tell me
What I’m meant to do.

Another early poem, from somewhere a decade or so ago 🙂

I had to post this quickly … as when it was written didn’t expect I’d have to worry about passing 41!