Bar Coded

Here’s my branding,
What’s your standing?
It’s a no no –
To have no logo.
Here’s your class,
What’s your category?
Sit over there …
That’s where you fit.

I’m a generalisation,
I’m the typical one.
Sit between 20 and 41.
Just a part of a culture,
My beliefs are the same.
Choices are all just
a societal pain.

Part of a category,
Target market.
Just one of many,
Not one of few.
Potential consumer,
A passing number –
Ask the TV what
I’m meant to do

Telephone canvass,
Customer poll,
Marketing blitz –
Taking its toll.
Just another consumer,
Target market,
Someone please tell me
What I’m meant to do.

Another early poem, from somewhere a decade or so ago 🙂

I had to post this quickly … as when it was written didn’t expect I’d have to worry about passing 41!

7 responses to “Bar Coded

  1. Great writing. Even though it was a decade ago, still resonates today.

  2. This was really interesting. It is such a vivid word-picture of our times. I find the title particularly interesting…

  3. Wow! This makes me wanna dig up my highschool notebooks where I’d doodled ’em poetry! I so envy you!

  4. Corri,
    Love it! As a huge fan of poetry that is relevant and whitty I am inspired by this read. Strong writing that tells a story of a huge reality in our culture. We are not cattle. We can be individuals. We don’t have to be brainwashed to pick a product. The power of choice is still ours though some companies hope that to make it seem as merely an illusion.

    P.S. We are only as old as we feel (and believe). That being said, you can be 29 for the next 20 years if you so choose, lol.

    • Hey Jermaine, thanks for the feedback – seems a theme is emerging from my blog about not being cattle. I think I may have found my Blog calling! As for age check out post on Crown of Splendour. Always looked forward to getting older!

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