The Maca’s Phenomenom

Why is it that McDonalds is so appealing to kids?

The colours? The food? Toys? Well it’s all that plus the experience.

We all love eating out

I was watching my kids devour burgers/nuggets and chips like they hadn’t eaten since Christmas! While a home cooked meal meets the chorus of “I don’t like it”.

I guess us adults have similar views of going out to a nice restaurant, cooked by someone else, then cleaned by someone else!

I’m not a huge fan of Maca’s but got to give it to them for creating an experience that appeals to kids, and a safe haven for parents.

Love them or hate them – they are good at what they do.


4 responses to “The Maca’s Phenomenom

  1. Good stuff Corri,

    I have to agree. As the parent of a 4 year old I know how appealing McDonald’s is to a kid. My daughter literally expects to get a toy with every sitting, lol. We go their for desert and she’s in the backseat leaning forward to remind me to get a toy. I sadly have to share with her that toys don’t come with ice cream cones only meals. Her response? Get me a meal so I can get a toy, lol.

    Proof that they kids are sold!!! Like putty in their hands.

    • Hi Jermaine, they’ve nailed it with the toys! I’m not even sure my kids enjoy the food, rarely finish all of it – but from the outset I get questions of “can we open the toy”.

  2. The experience is emotionally engaging. Between the hot emotional colors of red, yellow and orange, the clown, the atmosphere engages the primary sensory organs of young people not too mention adults. McDonald’s has learned how to market effectively. The change is for those engaged in B2B to do half as well.

    The second sales buying rule is People buy first on emotion; justified by logic or reason.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Author of Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, the Keys to Unlocking Sales Success

    • Hi Leanne, thank you for your comments – and the picture of hot emotional colors of red, yellow and orange truly bring the feeling of McDonalds to the fore.

      The comment on buying on emotion is so true, as I stood in line for my coffee I surveyed the rows of cakes, treats, sweets and candy and had to use significant will to wait to get to the office and enjoy an apple! I’ll feel better for it but oh it was a struggle 🙂

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