Sausage Roll n Sauce

So how would you eat a sausage roll?

For Fletch it was sideways – which happens to be the messiest, and most unusual way I’ve ever seen!

The ingenuity of children – always a fresh approach. I love it!


4 responses to “Sausage Roll n Sauce

  1. lol! I always find it kind of interesting to see how my kids (all seven of them) eat Oreo cookies. You wouldn’t think there would be 7 different ways to eat one, but there is!

    • That’s brilliant! You’ll have to let us know which way is the messiest 🙂 I can pass onto my son – he’ll be sure to try it and out do it!

  2. So true – children do have an innate ingenuity, and I believe it’s what helps them traverse the challenges of having to encode their hard drives, and form their personalities.

    I try to include a version of this in my business (which is advertising/marketing) and we call it the value of “creative curiosity.” Something children have instinctively, and we have to work so hard to “remember.”


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