Australian Blogs

All too often us Aussies have to venture overseas to truly appreciate what an extraordinary country we live in.

Australian Wildlife - The Emu

In fact, for many travellers it’s only when you get somewhere o/s that you understand how many people would love to live here.

The Australian Blogging Community

Similarly, the Aussie blog sites also offer leading commentary, insights, and opinions.

The Australian culture is trained in understated, we’re renowned for supporting the under dog, for chopping down “tall poppies”, yet at what expense.

Through traversing the web, joining blog sites on LinkedIn and Facebook, I’ve come across some great Australian blogs – which shouldn’t be surprising!

But obviously many of the Aussie authors reflect the culture of understatement which emanates in Australian blogs.

Throw it out there

So to the sheilas, the blokes, the dinky di’s and true blue’s … what are some of the great Aussie blog sites that appear on your blog roll?

11 responses to “Australian Blogs

  1. Your country is extraordinary and I love your photo! I’ll have to check out some more Aussie blogs!

    • Hey Sandra, born in the UK myself I feel blessed to be living in Sydney. The photo was taken at a nature park just north of Sydney – getting up close and personal with the emus!

  2. I’m not an Aussie, but I love your country without even have visited there! After seeing Oprah’s episode where she visited, I MUST go! So I will definitely be there in the future. As far as Aussie blogs, check out: She’s a money blogger with great ideas about how to make and save money.

    • I’ve traveled overseas and concede there are some great destinations, some wonderful sites and some awesome cultures, but for me Australia is the best place to live 🙂 Sure I’m biased! Thanks for your kind comments Alexis and if you make it to Sydney drop me a line.

  3. I will be sure to do that! 🙂

  4. I’m always looking for new ones to read! My fave though would have to be – Apart from my own that is lol

  5. Trust me when I say… Some day I’ll get down around your way. It wont’ be soon but that’s o.k. It will be worth the trip. Here’s a trip, the U.S. is pretty special if you know where to go!

    Thanks for a great post!!!

    • Howdy Jermaine, yep been to the States a couple of times – though never as a tourist, only for work. Really only seen a few major cities – be great to travel around more. When you finally make it to Sydney drop me a line.

  6. I really liked your webpage!!! Would you care whether I put up a backlink from my website to your page?

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