Not Perfect

Back in 1999 – yes last century – was a great song released by Baz Lurhman. For those who haven’t heard it check it out on YouTube: Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).

It turns out it was written by a Chicago columnist, Mary Schmick who indulged herself by writing a graduation speech that went viral!

The Perfect Model

Now with my own kids, I consider the advice that I pass on to them … especially in light of the blitz they’ll receive from media and peers.

The constant chase for unattainable perfection – and I’m not talking about a pursuit of self improvement, but perfection of image. A constant chasing of societal perfection – an exterior paint job rather than an inner working in making the most out of the clay that’s been given.

Why are we so compelled to chase perfection? Why do we wish our lives away wanting a different this or that? The “if only I” syndrome … if only I had more money, a different nose, a better job, more confidence.

We’re forever wishing to be something or someone else, not realising how blessed we are in what we’ve been given.

There is no perfect model, no Mr or Miss Right, there’s no human that is flawless, just some flaws are more easily hid.

Not Perfect

I came across a song that I felt worth sharing – written by comedian, Tim Minchin.

I love the line, this is my life and I live in it – but unlike Tim, I think my life is perfect … perfectly flawed, perfectly imperfect!

5 responses to “Not Perfect

  1. “There is no limit to the power of loving.” ~ John Morton

  2. A great message. It was once said ‘Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.’ Profound and so true. Appreciating what we have and what we can achieve while enjoying the journey is what it’s all about. Do you agree?

  3. Who did you pay to do your blog? Its really nicely designed I bet that is why you get so much traffic!

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