Musical Momentum

Music makes a scene. It creates the atmosphere.

Great Soundtracks

We are moved by music it’s deep in our culture and our psyche. It stretches the limits, it elicits memories, it’s our favorite song, it’s the first time when … a song can recall all sorts of memories and feelings.

Some of the most successful movies have the best soundtracks. Running a questionnaire on our FB page and enjoying the responses.

How could you get the Sound of Music without The Hills are Alive. Or Saturday Night Fever without Stayin’ Alive, and come on, 2001 The Space Odyssey – it connected aliens with humans.

The list is endless, great soundtracks that just a few notes bring back the whole feeling, like The Godfather, The Mission, The Sting … I know I’m showing my vintage!

Music creates the emotion, it can lead us into fear, joy, passion, laughter, even aggression – think of Rocky. It was hard not to leave the cinema throwing punches at the biggest bloke you could find!

Top Movie Soundtracks

When I think of great movies most include a great soundtrack … a few of my picks

  • Good Morning Vietnam
  • Remember the Titans
  • Shawshank Redemption – oh the opera!
  • Maybe not GREAT, but Footloose 🙂
  • Grease!
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou
  • Once
  • Happy Feet!!!
  • Lion King (yes, I have kids)

I’m sure I’ve missed some great one’s … any others that just have to be there?

10 responses to “Musical Momentum

  1. As I recall, Ghost had a pretty good soundtrack. These Movies you listed bring back some great memories!

  2. Very true: music makes just about everything more meaningful, more emotional. I pretty much can’t do anything–except read–without music around me. I have it on when I work, when I drive, when I exercise…

    As far as soundtracks, I think of the ones that have become iconic as having great power–whether you like them or not! and whether they’re over done or not. So I would list ET, Star Wars, Rocky (who can forget Eye of the Tiger!?), Twin Peaks… I’m skipping musicals: that list could go on forever…..

  3. I really liked Forest Gump and Titanic. Music is a huge piece and in my opinion can make or break an event or movie.

  4. I’m going to throw you a curve ball. How about The Wizard of Oz, or, better yet, -The Wiz! This movie features some great songs and great singers including Michael Jackson.

  5. Talk about dating yourself, Does anyone remember The Big Chill? I still play that soundtrack today, great music!

    • Hello you of similar vintage 🙂 Big Chill is a brilliant choice … and what a soundtrack – CCR, Marvin Gaye, The Tempatations and the list just goes on! Thanks for the reminder!

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