Whale Watching

Recently we went on a short holiday to Port Macquarie. One of the highlights of the trip was going whale watching.


I admit when I first booked it at $30 per head I was thinking gees bit pricey – there were 5 of us. No guarantees we would even see anything!

Sure enough, off we sped out a few kilometres into the Pacific Ocean and started the search.

Meeting the Largest Mammal on Earth

Before long we’d encountered a mother and calf just gracefully cruising South. These enormous mammals, the largest species left on Earth and we’d not only got to see them up close but to appreciate the sheer size. We literally floated along with them within metres of our boat.

The true highlight however didn’t come until we got back to shore when my 7 year old turned and said “daddy, I’ll remember that for the rest of my life” – awesome.

What a Job

Now back in the swing of things, on the train and off to work I can’t help ponder what sort of lifestyle the skipper leads. Cruising his boat out into the ocean a dozen times a day to watch whales for a living … how awful it must be!

20111021-083001.jpgWe got the chance a number of times to encounter nature, including surfing dolphins, lounging lizards and much more.

Pretty spectacular and a chance to slow down.

Watching whales glide through the ocean, dolphins surfing the waves, lizards lounging in the sun … I have to ponder are we truly the most intelligent species?

7 responses to “Whale Watching

  1. Great post! Where we live on the Gulf coast of Florida, dolphins are the main attraction on sightseeing boat tours. The Captain makes no promises that you will see them, but the dolphins always manage to make an appearance anyway and put on a performance. Always a beautiful sight!

    • Marcia, we were fortunate enough to see a pod of 4 – 6 dolphins literally “body” surfing only meters from the shoreline. Amazing site, if only I were down there with a boogie board! A few younger kids were … and they caught waves with dolphins … brilliant site for my kids.

  2. It can be envious to took at dolphins, whales and lizard relaxing. Eat and sleep, right?

    I have never been whale watching myself, but would love to some day. I think its one of those family things that kids enjoy, so its nice to hear about your 7 year old enjoying it 🙂

  3. This is an incredible post…I can only imagine what that must have been like…and to have it topped off with that type or reaction….your child will definitely remember that for the rest of life…wow! I can remember how excited I felt, at the ripe old age of 38, to see a wild turkey on my way home to my new house….so I KNOW about how awesome seeing that whale must have been…

    • HAHAHAHA I love the bit about a wild turkey! Hey Rachel, it was fantastic 🙂 and I at 41 was also in awe at seeing whales that close. But watching dolphins surfing the waves was an even bigger highlight!

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