The Morning Train

Are you a commuter? Jumping on public transport to get to and from work?

I’m amazed that we can squeeze so many people in such a confined space yet not say a word.

In fact we’re more likely to be texting, calling, blogging than meeting new people.

Sure the environment doesn’t lend itself to developing long term relationships – but I’m sure there must be stories of meeting your wife or forming a great friendship all seeded during a commute to work.

Not me though, it’s Angry Birds or Traffic Rush, maybe a podcast or some music – anything but start a conversation with the person next to you!

The Commuter Challenge

I must admit, there is something of a voyeur in me, I do enjoy sitting in the seat at the end of the carriage and for fun seeing how many people I can make eye contact with.

I think it’s time to break the ice, the commuter challenge or icebreakers – maybe start singing a the Albert Hammond song – I’m A Train, or call out “GROUP HUG”. Surely we cancome up with some great commuter icebreakers and lighten the mood of the train ride!

Guessing by now you’re glad you don’t ride on my train.


5 responses to “The Morning Train

  1. I spent three+ years in Tokyo and used the crowded commuter trains there. There were lots of Middle Eastern folks working in Tokyo at the time. It was impossible to make eye contact with a Japanese person on the trains, but look around and find a Middle Easterner and that person would very probably be looking right back at you. Big cultural gap between Far East Tokyo and Middle Easterners.

    • Having just come back from Manila can appreciate cultural differences 🙂 seen the trains in Tokyo – now that’s packed! Didn’t brave riding one though.

  2. So glad those NYC commuter days are over; these days it’s a nice, short (10 minutes) drive alone in my car anywhere I need to go (Florida). It would have been fun to get up to the challenge. Have fun!

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