All Things Orange

Today is the day for orange, a self proclaimed day of honour for the oft forgotten colour ORANGE.

For too long black, blue, red and, yes even, brown have dominated our homes, our work environments and our fashion.

But it’s time for change, time for renewed vigor, action … It’s time for ORANGE!

Do You Like Orange?

Orange, actually is named after the fruit, it’s synomynous with the Dutch, fanta, and a spray tan gone wrong. It’s the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s sunsets, the flowering Banksia, and safety gear.

Without orange we would just have stop and go – no speed up or slow down.

The amber ale, the amber stone, agate … and what about the entire district of Orange, NSW. Or the flags of Ireland, India, Niger and Cote d’Ivoire. It’s the national colour of Holland – the heir apparent is the Prince of Orange.

Oh, and of course the foods, oranges, carrots, mangoes, apricots, papaya, pumpkin, sweet potato, peaches, persimmons and tangerines.

Facts About Orange

Did you know that orange only became orange in the middle ages? The first recorded (written) reference as a colour was in 1512. It really is named after the fruit! Before this it was referred to as yellow-red.

Other facts about orange:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge is painted with Deluxe International Orange
  • Orange (or deep saffron) is the most sacred colour of Hinduism
  • On the Indian flag orange represents courage, sacrifice and the spirit of renunciation

The Colour Orange

Orange is associated with halloween, Thanksgiving, Autumn (or fall for the Americans), it’s vibrant and considered an energetic colour.

Sitting right between red and yellow, orange is associated with excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It is also linked with food, not only fruit, but ripening crops and considered a food stimulating colour.

Interestingly orange is also a polarising colour, you love it or hate it. It’s the attention colour, the stand out – it’s why in the States they clothe prisoners in it.

Spare a Moment for Orange

I ask you take a time to ponder the colour orange, to give this attention seeking yet polarising hue just a moment of your time. Does it elicit joy, warmth and excitement? Or do you just see the moment between red and green at the traffic lights? The work crew at a construction site? Or worse, the Annoying Orange!

So, with Halloween just gone, Thanksgiving on the way, and a friend’s orange t-shirt whisked away due to a perceived fashion faux pas I proclaim November 22nd as Orange Day.

8 responses to “All Things Orange

  1. Orange has never been one of my favorite colors–I’m more a purple person–but you’ve given me a new perspective on orange and I may just move it up a notch on my preference list.

    • Woohoo chalk one up for Orange 🙂 I’ve never really had much of a colour preference – which possibly reflects my fashion sense. Thanks for stopping by Sandra

  2. I love orange, it makes me feel vibrant, as well as warm and cozy too. There is something about the color that just energizes me,it also creates an electricity whenever you enter a room. What can I say? Besides orange I love red too. Go fifure!

  3. I always somehow equate color with taste; orange is easy–tartness, acidity, with just a hint of explosive energy. Purple on the other hand? Sorry, Sandra, it’s never really worked for me! Reminds me too much of the lousy juice I had in kindergarten… 😉

  4. Yep, I guess I love orange because it is so bold! Colors can make the senses come alive. In my former house, I painted two rooms light orange and everyone loved it, but always remarked how they would never have thought to do so. It’s probably my second favorite color, purple being first. Better yet, it is affiliated with the Boise State Broncos, my alma maters football team.

    Mostly, I just love how you took such a random topic and flew with it. You would make Montaigne proud!

    • Hey Jeri, thanks for your comments 🙂 and the honorable reference to Montaigne (shux!). I don’t know the Boise State Broncos hailing from Sydney, Australia – but Googled them and seems they’re doing their colours proud! We have a local rugby league team here called the Brisbane Broncos, who seem to have borrowed virtually everything from Boise: the colours, the emblem, and seemingly the pride!

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