Crowd Dancing

I’m sure you must have tried it – especially if you’re a commuter … crowd dancing.

That last minute run to the station or the bus stop, or maybe it’s another situation, like trying to exit the movies?

For me it’s the all too often mad rush to Town Hall station. From the office to the station is around 4 minutes if everything’s clear … of course there’s always a but!

Where’s My Lift

It starts with the lift, well actually 3 lifts for 11 floors. It just seems that synchronisation is not a strong point for our office lifts … so four minutes has already blown out with a few minutes wait.

So this is where the fun begins … having left myself a copious amount of time to make the station (oh, say 5 minutes) it’s now the mad rush to get to the station.

Let’s Play Frogger

Out of the lifts and there’s the main road … standing between me and the mad dash to the turnstiles.

Anyone remember the game Frogger on those little hand held game consoles? Well three lanes of traffic, a pretty constant flow and a very keen pedestrian to get across.

Off I hop, skip and jump to weave my way through the traffic hoping there’s a sufficient gap and safe passage … really do feel like that little frog jumping through logs and dodging the cars.

Stage 3: Crowd Dancing!

Time to skip through the constant flow of traffic, the mass of humanity streaming towards a few tiny turnstiles to be shepherded onto trains.

crowd dancing in Town HallI have less than a few minutes to make the train, there are a sea of people between me and the platform and they seem to be more interested in chatting, window shopping and chatting on their mobile phone than moving in an orderly manner to the station.

And so, with the waltz and maybe a foxtrot, I dance my way through the crowd … don’t think I rival Fred Astaire but it sure does feel like I’m crowd dancing – more than once staring straight into the eyes of a pedestrian moving in the opposite direction forcing a polite sorry and rapid change of direction!

Yes, I know I should leave earlier, maybe even learn after the first dozen times that there are delays … but hey, how would I brush up on my dance moves!

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