What Makes a Blogger


I’m fascinated, as I pass 50 posts on this site, to consider the question …

at what point do you get credited as a Blogger?

I’m not talking about having registered a blog. Nor logging in and throwing up a post – no, this is about the seasoned pro’s, the big league, the elite.

When Do you earn the B?

When do you migrate from logging to blogging? When do you sit aside the rarified elite?

Is it tenure?




Or maybe the movement from rank amateur to paid professional – endorsing another’s products, services and sites, request for paid posts, and the growing comment demand for the occassional crumb to the lower PR blogs.

Aspiring Author, Writer, Blogger?

While on this stream, this self indulgence, when does a blogger become a writer? Or, of course, a writer a blogger? Or an author? What are the rules? Does an eBook count? A white paper?

Or is it a fully fledged publishing deal with those traditional outlets that allow words to be entombed by a hard cover?

Is there a class difference or amnity between bloggers and authors? How about journalists?

Am I just an upstart swarming with the minions competing endlessly for tag prioritisation? For a WordPress reference? Or, dare I mention it, the Google endorsement of a high PR?

In this faceless world of global opinions all vying for our 15 seconds of viral fame who is writing the rules?

Who is setting the standards?

What makes a blogger?

What gives legitimacy?

And, when all is said and done, what is the relevance?

Posted by the self proclaimed Blogger!

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