Christmas With A Difference

ChristmasTreeWhile we head into the Christmas season and – at least at our house – we have already put up the Christmas tree, and now there are presents amassing and we’re planning our big family get together to feast on turkey, ham, pudding and much much more.

I began to consider others that may not be feeling the Christmas spirit … those that don’t share the same wealth, the same abundance, some who have never even tasted ham or turkey.

The Gift of Christmas

The Christmas season is founded on the birth of Jesus – the ultimate gift of generosity. Though, I don’t want to use this blog as a platform to focus on the Christian definition of Christmas, but more the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is about generosity – about giving, about sharing. It’s about getting together with loved ones, with families and, for most, it’s a time of celebration, feasting and present giving.

A Different Gift

I’d like to introduce an organisation that offers a different gift for Christmas, one that offers you the opportunity to provide a loan to a family in need – from as little as a one off loan of $50 you can support a community with fresh water, infrastructure, education and much more.

Hey, don’t rely on me for the info, check out Milaap and read about it. I’ve only just come across this via MediaCause and am reading more into it myself.

But why not take a $50 gift that you were going to put towards someone else and throw it into this worthy cause? A gift with a difference … something that will truly impact a community that doesn’t experience the blessing of Christmas like ours.

Seriously, what would we need to miss out on for $50? Or if a friend came to you and said, hey mate, could you lend us a 50 would you knock them back? I know there are thousands of causes everywhere … but just check out what these guys do – visit their site and check out the projects that you could loan to.

4 responses to “Christmas With A Difference

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. I couldn’t agree more–Christmas is about generosity and sharing with others. I had never heard of this particular organization, but I have some favorites like Covenant House and Christian Children’s Fund. Thanks for the timely reminder and have a wonderful Christmas!

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