2012 The Year of

As we wrap up 2011 and hear all the things about the year that was, I’m pondering the next, what 2012 will bring.

What new starts, renewed hopes, challenges? Are you moving into the next year with giddy anticipation or a sense of dread? Excitement or expecting the same old same old?

I think I might be easily excited but I’m moving forward with a sense of great anticipation. That 2012 will be the best year yet.

http://www.bizarrocomics.com/The End of the World?

While some claim it’s the end of the world based on predictions using the Mayan calendar. Others forecasting economic depression throughout the Western world. Still others are too busy training for the XXX London Olympics. I’m filled with hope, joy and an excitement of what another year on this planet holds.

Half Empty or Half Full

I’m sure many know the analogy of the cup of water – whether it’s half empty or half full. Well it’s probably no surprise I tend to be in the half full category.

I recently came across Milaap, an organisation based in India that provide high risk “loans” to communities who are simply after running water, sewerage or education. It truly reminded me of the abundance I have.

So how about others? What is 2012 holding in store? Is the outlook positive? Or are there some dark clouds looming?

As you read this are you thinking half empty or half full? Year of potential or just another day, another dollar.

What is 2012 the year of for you?

2 responses to “2012 The Year of

  1. I am as hopeful for the new year as I am every January; can’t predict the future so I don’t even go there.
    Regarding the end of the world– it happens every day to someone and will to all of us someday, one day at a time; it is called death.

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