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I Love My Wife

It’s not often that you find yourself in a position to publish something intimate, dare I say positive.

To buck the trend of social norms, take a different track to what apparently is becoming the morally acceptable position and state loudly that I love my wife – and I’m proud to wear a wedding ring.

We’ve been married over 10 years and are still blissfully in love.

Sure I write this and know we’ve had problems, faced difficulties and still today face many challenges – but gees it’s good to face them together.

My Wife is a Legend

I don’t mind admitting that I think my wife’s a legend, not to mention beautiful and downright sexy!

Sorry to shout it but can’t a married man still find his wife of over 10 years stunning, gorgeous, alluring!

And no! I’m not just after brownie points, or run out of things to blog about!

It’s a desire to put it out there that this here blogger appreciates and loves his wife just simply for being there.

I understand as I’m in my forties we are just too old to be amorous, married too long for any of that stuff! No longer are meant to find each other desirable – but stuff it … what’s wrong with a one horse race! At least I can safely bet on the winner. 🙂

I don’t want to risk being a statistic, lose what is treasured so greatly. So as a matter of opportunity I publicly declare I have an awesome wife and feel blessed to have kept her this long.

May we wake in each others arms for another decade, and more, appreciating our lives and bond together and buck the Hollywood myth of greener pastures.

That’s all!


Muppets Triumphant Return

What a wonderful day watching an awesome movie.

The return of the Muppets on the big screen was a fantastic walk down memory lane for me and a chance for discovery for my children.

So many of the images, characters and even the storyline resonated with me.

Life Meets Art

The storyline was truly life meeting art. With I’m sure the producers of the show asking similar questions – will the significant investment in the revival of Jim Henson’s Muppets meet a success or will it have aged? Will puppets be to simple in this age of animation, 3D and special effects.

Well all I can say is session after session at our local cinema was sold out. Which hopefully proves there’s value to some wholesome entertainment and the retro revival of the Muppets.

No Moopets

The storyline follows the demise of the once household brand and traces it’s reignition. In true modern style it blended children’s themes with more complex plots and at times had me in tears remembering this once great show.

For me it was a fitting tribute to its founder proving that puppetry is alive and well.

Great effort guys, it was extraordinary achievement and I truly hope the box office figures generate a revival in the Muppet show.

Bring back The Muppet Show!

The Muppets

For the first time in close to a year I’m trekking off to the movies!

The MuppetsNot just any old block buster or box office hit – no today, with kids in tow, it’s The Muppet Domination.

Dare I confess that the choice was made much simpler having enjoyed the Muppets as a kid, and Labyrinth.

Jim Henson’s Genius

What a whizz Jim Henson was – his contribution to puppetry and to technology was as great as Steve Jobs.

Seriously, the whole concept of puppetry was taken to a whole new level with the Muppets. No animated sequences and Walt Disney cartoons – but a huge cast and crew bringing to life Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal! Sorry Fozzy, can’t forget about you.

So, I’ll drag myself to the movies, sit through a long boring G rated film … And love every minute of it!

Go the Muppets resurgence! Back to the Muppets Domination!

The Father and His Pack

The story begins like an Aesop fable, like the hare and the tortoise. A this and that title.
Dr Zeuss may have been a better style, a flatpack have you seen, but can you read instructions? Almost Yoda-ish really!
Well we recently purchased a guinea pig enclosure off a leading auction site. It was the simple, the easy solution, delivered straight to our door … in a flatpack.
Now some may not experience the terror, the dread, of a box that arrives as a flatpack. Some might even relish the opportunity to open a box of parts and assemble them conforming to the extensive instructions.

The Curse of Ikea

We have the Swedes to blame for this phenomenon, for this test of human endurance. Though credit where credit is due – the Swedes are kind enough to provide relatively detailed and easy to follow instructions.
But they have provided the inspiration to other countries, like China! Who have decided that instructions are overrated – after all men never read the instructions anyway.
And so having unpacked the numerous parts and worked out which side is up and which is down, counted the numerous bags of screws, joins, brackets and dowels – I go in search for the extensive instructions.
Thinking I’ll be getting a multi-page tutorial I find a single page sheet where step 1 alone uses virtually half the panels and accessories and all I can see is a few arrows. At this point I admit concern for completing the task in a timely manner and for that matter resembling anything like the picture.

Yet being male could I let this get the better of me? No, I tell you!!
I soldiered on, I grasped the bull by the horns and persevered with the hour long job.
By time I’d hit 3 hours. Ok, I confess the odd evil thought crossed my mind … Who needs guinea pigs anyway, sure the kids wouldn’t notice, bet the next door’s cat would have fun.
Oh, be gone! No, I will continue!

The Pack Comes to Life

I think the kids must have realised I was close when in my Frankenstein moment I exclaimed it’s alive!
Having spent the majority of the morning, the noon and now afternoon creating this house for the beloved guinea pigs finally I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The pessimist would exclaim it’s a train – but not I, no here was the finish of a day’s work – the culmination of toil, the fruits of my labour … Here was the palatial abode for the guinea pigs. Hope they blooming appreciate it!


Not More Cricket

Ok, I’m sorry I am writing again on cricket – but it is Aussie summer, we are in cricket season and Australia are annihilating the Indians.

The WACA test started today and, based on a quick glance at close of play, it may as well be over.

I am sure like many Aussies, we’d expected a tough dual, maybe even questioned if our team could compete – but we’re talking trouncing.

This isn’t even a game – it’s practice! More bowling in a 50 over one dayer. Well not quite, it took Australia 60 overs.

I’m sure the Indians are rueing the day they left home soil – as for the supporters I’m actually starting to feel for them. If this keeps up the Aussies will start supporting the Indians due to being such underdogs.

Is Test Cricket Ruined?

I’m sure others are wondering the same – if India can’t last day 1 on a pitch where Warner came out and slogged 70 (scratch that 95 … Just too impatient -make that a ton) then what’s the future of the five day game?

With the demands of TV, declining attention spans and an inability for teams to adapt across styles surely test cricket has to evolve.

I love a close test – I love the to and fro and strategy – but Day 1 all out and a likely overwhelming declaration early day 3. The WACA test is as one sided as Sydney.

The only question worth adking is whose hands up for the triple century in this one?

Oh 2012 Already

Has anyone else suddenly woke up to see it’s nigh on half way through January?

For that matter have I missed the boat? Happy new year …

2012 has started off at such a pace I can almost feel Easter!

I hope to write a blog or two a week – but damn this year is moving fast.

Is it just me or are others watching the Fridays arrive at a speed that is scarily fast?

The Law of Supply

It’s funny when you have an abundance of something how you squander it so quickly. For Christmas I received some after shave – the former bottle barely lasting with drops extended for weeks – yet

now a new bottle – well I’m a walking perfumery! Splashing here and there as if it were infinite.

Time appears like this too – when I was in my teens, my twenties, gees staying in bed till afternoon seemed reasonable enough. Now I couldn’t possibly squander that many hours.

Increasingly days are treasured, moments and events held onto.

The Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese calendar we’re about to enter the year of the dragon … Not sure of the significance of this, but for me it’s year of the dog.

As of new year we’re now owners of a rescued dog – beagle cross boxer.


As you can imagine kids love it and for me it forces exercise every night!

And so I’ve returned to the blogosphere, albeit not triumphantly with profound words of wisdom but still it’s a start. So happy new year readers and hope to chat more in 2012.