Oh 2012 Already

Has anyone else suddenly woke up to see it’s nigh on half way through January?

For that matter have I missed the boat? Happy new year …

2012 has started off at such a pace I can almost feel Easter!

I hope to write a blog or two a week – but damn this year is moving fast.

Is it just me or are others watching the Fridays arrive at a speed that is scarily fast?

The Law of Supply

It’s funny when you have an abundance of something how you squander it so quickly. For Christmas I received some after shave – the former bottle barely lasting with drops extended for weeks – yet

now a new bottle – well I’m a walking perfumery! Splashing here and there as if it were infinite.

Time appears like this too – when I was in my teens, my twenties, gees staying in bed till afternoon seemed reasonable enough. Now I couldn’t possibly squander that many hours.

Increasingly days are treasured, moments and events held onto.

The Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese calendar we’re about to enter the year of the dragon … Not sure of the significance of this, but for me it’s year of the dog.

As of new year we’re now owners of a rescued dog – beagle cross boxer.


As you can imagine kids love it and for me it forces exercise every night!

And so I’ve returned to the blogosphere, albeit not triumphantly with profound words of wisdom but still it’s a start. So happy new year readers and hope to chat more in 2012.

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