Not More Cricket

Ok, I’m sorry I am writing again on cricket – but it is Aussie summer, we are in cricket season and Australia are annihilating the Indians.

The WACA test started today and, based on a quick glance at close of play, it may as well be over.

I am sure like many Aussies, we’d expected a tough dual, maybe even questioned if our team could compete – but we’re talking trouncing.

This isn’t even a game – it’s practice! More bowling in a 50 over one dayer. Well not quite, it took Australia 60 overs.

I’m sure the Indians are rueing the day they left home soil – as for the supporters I’m actually starting to feel for them. If this keeps up the Aussies will start supporting the Indians due to being such underdogs.

Is Test Cricket Ruined?

I’m sure others are wondering the same – if India can’t last day 1 on a pitch where Warner came out and slogged 70 (scratch that 95 … Just too impatient -make that a ton) then what’s the future of the five day game?

With the demands of TV, declining attention spans and an inability for teams to adapt across styles surely test cricket has to evolve.

I love a close test – I love the to and fro and strategy – but Day 1 all out and a likely overwhelming declaration early day 3. The WACA test is as one sided as Sydney.

The only question worth adking is whose hands up for the triple century in this one?

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