The Father and His Pack

The story begins like an Aesop fable, like the hare and the tortoise. A this and that title.
Dr Zeuss may have been a better style, a flatpack have you seen, but can you read instructions? Almost Yoda-ish really!
Well we recently purchased a guinea pig enclosure off a leading auction site. It was the simple, the easy solution, delivered straight to our door … in a flatpack.
Now some may not experience the terror, the dread, of a box that arrives as a flatpack. Some might even relish the opportunity to open a box of parts and assemble them conforming to the extensive instructions.

The Curse of Ikea

We have the Swedes to blame for this phenomenon, for this test of human endurance. Though credit where credit is due – the Swedes are kind enough to provide relatively detailed and easy to follow instructions.
But they have provided the inspiration to other countries, like China! Who have decided that instructions are overrated – after all men never read the instructions anyway.
And so having unpacked the numerous parts and worked out which side is up and which is down, counted the numerous bags of screws, joins, brackets and dowels – I go in search for the extensive instructions.
Thinking I’ll be getting a multi-page tutorial I find a single page sheet where step 1 alone uses virtually half the panels and accessories and all I can see is a few arrows. At this point I admit concern for completing the task in a timely manner and for that matter resembling anything like the picture.

Yet being male could I let this get the better of me? No, I tell you!!
I soldiered on, I grasped the bull by the horns and persevered with the hour long job.
By time I’d hit 3 hours. Ok, I confess the odd evil thought crossed my mind … Who needs guinea pigs anyway, sure the kids wouldn’t notice, bet the next door’s cat would have fun.
Oh, be gone! No, I will continue!

The Pack Comes to Life

I think the kids must have realised I was close when in my Frankenstein moment I exclaimed it’s alive!
Having spent the majority of the morning, the noon and now afternoon creating this house for the beloved guinea pigs finally I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The pessimist would exclaim it’s a train – but not I, no here was the finish of a day’s work – the culmination of toil, the fruits of my labour … Here was the palatial abode for the guinea pigs. Hope they blooming appreciate it!


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  1. You did an amazing job and isn’t it nice that they always seem to include a fee extra screws? After the hutch, the fake grass, the sticky stuff so their little paws don’t slip on the ramp, the piggies are costing more than the children at present, but in all fairness, they are far less trouble. The dog kennel is on the way xx

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