Muppets Triumphant Return

What a wonderful day watching an awesome movie.

The return of the Muppets on the big screen was a fantastic walk down memory lane for me and a chance for discovery for my children.

So many of the images, characters and even the storyline resonated with me.

Life Meets Art

The storyline was truly life meeting art. With I’m sure the producers of the show asking similar questions – will the significant investment in the revival of Jim Henson’s Muppets meet a success or will it have aged? Will puppets be to simple in this age of animation, 3D and special effects.

Well all I can say is session after session at our local cinema was sold out. Which hopefully proves there’s value to some wholesome entertainment and the retro revival of the Muppets.

No Moopets

The storyline follows the demise of the once household brand and traces it’s reignition. In true modern style it blended children’s themes with more complex plots and at times had me in tears remembering this once great show.

For me it was a fitting tribute to its founder proving that puppetry is alive and well.

Great effort guys, it was extraordinary achievement and I truly hope the box office figures generate a revival in the Muppet show.

Bring back The Muppet Show!

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