I Love My Wife

It’s not often that you find yourself in a position to publish something intimate, dare I say positive.

To buck the trend of social norms, take a different track to what apparently is becoming the morally acceptable position and state loudly that I love my wife – and I’m proud to wear a wedding ring.

We’ve been married over 10 years and are still blissfully in love.

Sure I write this and know we’ve had problems, faced difficulties and still today face many challenges – but gees it’s good to face them together.

My Wife is a Legend

I don’t mind admitting that I think my wife’s a legend, not to mention beautiful and downright sexy!

Sorry to shout it but can’t a married man still find his wife of over 10 years stunning, gorgeous, alluring!

And no! I’m not just after brownie points, or run out of things to blog about!

It’s a desire to put it out there that this here blogger appreciates and loves his wife just simply for being there.

I understand as I’m in my forties we are just too old to be amorous, married too long for any of that stuff! No longer are meant to find each other desirable – but stuff it … what’s wrong with a one horse race! At least I can safely bet on the winner. 🙂

I don’t want to risk being a statistic, lose what is treasured so greatly. So as a matter of opportunity I publicly declare I have an awesome wife and feel blessed to have kept her this long.

May we wake in each others arms for another decade, and more, appreciating our lives and bond together and buck the Hollywood myth of greener pastures.

That’s all!


2 responses to “I Love My Wife

  1. First of all, it is really nice to hear someone publicly admit they still love their spouse (mate) these days when the 72-day rule applies, kudos to you!

    Secondly, you are such a newbie at marriage (compared to our 42 years), that you should be still acting like newlyweds; trust me, you are never too old to be amorous. So get on with it, lol!

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