Getting Into The Swing

Is anyone else caught in limbo?

Has anyone else just noticed January disappeared in a blink?

Has anyone else struggled to get in the swing of things?

I’ve woken up to February! The first month of the year gone and rapidly moving through the second.

Age is a funny thing, obviously perspective changes and time no longer seems constant.

I seriously question the consistency of time – I think it was Einstein who stated time is relative.

While one races through life always in a hurry, another strolls and takes in the view.

Well this season certainly isn’t a stroll – t’s a sprint! Frantic, frenetic, rapid and much more πŸ™‚

Well, to keep up I’ll sign off and rush to the next race!

4 responses to “Getting Into The Swing

  1. Hi Corri, I haven’t sent my Christmas cards out yet True! more reasons then one.

    Whet really got to me was the Easter eggs in Woolworths but then the panic died down, when I remembered they have Christmas 5 mths early.

    Will be in touch soon but take care in case it’s this time next year πŸ˜€

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. Time is moving faster and faster every day it is scary!

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