Food, Glorious Food

Last night we celebrated my dad’s birthday. So what better way to do this than share a meal.

I’m sure many have heard of slow cooking or slow food … in an era of fast food, takeaway, prepacked or microwave meals all too often we skip the traditional methods of first principles cooking.

The Sunday Roast

It used to be, certainly in English households, that the mum cooked up the Sunday roast, a nice leg of lamb, sometimes pork, or from what I’ve heard is the preference for the US, a roast beef.

Last night, albeit a Saturday, I cooked up a roast lamb. Two and a bit hours of cooking time devoured in less than 20 minutes!

But there’s something about a slow cooked meal, roasted vegetables, topped with dollops of gravy. Mouth watering, it’s the smells, the aroma that wafts through the house, something you can’t get from a microwave meal.

To sit with a nice glass (or two) of red and share a meal with family or friends truly has to be one of the best ways to spend time.

Slow Food Revolution

I hope that others are caught in the slow food revolution. It’s so worthwhile to eat a well prepared meal. To take time and enjoy a meal at the table with the family, with friends.

For me it’s definitely a roast lamb that does it, even pork with crackling comes a close second – but I can’t quite get around the roast beef … much prefer an eye fillet!


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