How’s The Resolutions?

So, (insert your name here), how are your new year’s resolutions going?

Huh, mine? No I asked you first.

Oh, alright. Well I really didn’t set any.

What, I told you I did. Oh, well I guess I have one that I’m working on – but it might take a while … losing weight takes time you know.

Yeah, I know I’m looking remarkably like I did last time I saw you, and if truth be told maybe a little more of me arrived this time!

Sound Familiar?

So have you had this conversation, or similar – insert personal resolution rather than mine.

In fact, I haven’t had this conversation with anyone but me – for though I’ve made some changes to my lifestyle they don’t appear to be impacting yet.

Tell a lie, the changes are impacting – just not as I expected.

I’ve never been fond of new year’s resolutions … they seem to be the non core promises we make to ourselves.

Surely there are exceptions, but it appears most are in the same boat – we start the new year full of ideals and expectations and by mid February find ourselves in a similar mode to December of the year before.

Supposedly a habit takes about 14 days to form so why is it so hard to change – especially for the better!

Anyone else struggling? Or have you implemented lifestyle changes that you stuck to?

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