The ANZAC Spirit

Today Australia remembers its armed service men and women who fought, who served and many who gave their lives to retain a lifestyle many of us take for granted.

It’s hard to consider sliding doors, what would have been had WWII gone in a different direction.

What Are We Fighting For?

The question I pondered this morning is what did we fight for? What freedoms, liberties, rights were the lives laid down for?

Are we honouring those lives now?

Are we thankful for our rights? Our right to vote, to worship, to attend school, for equality in race, gender?

More to the point, have we achieved those ideals? Are we any closer now to equality than in the 40’s?

There is still a real under current of rascism and sexism in Australian society – in fact today many Japanese and Korean descended men and women will stay at home today for fear of historic judgment.

Or our modern “enemy” broadly referred to as Muslims or the Islamic community. Are they entitled to the same freedoms?

How about Australian women? Are they achieving equality? Or do they suffer the same limitations of the 1950’s? A facade of opportunity yet still limited by the reality of a male dominated power class.

As we celebrate the bravery, the service of the ANZACs it’s important to remember the legacy they fought for. Why their lives were sacrificed. What rights, freedoms and rules were worth the lives of so many thousands of Australians.

Lest we forget.

One response to “The ANZAC Spirit

  1. Hi Corri thank you for remembering our men and women who fought for our freedoms and cared for the injured, I’m going to do a post in remembrance later today.

    I agree we should never discriminate against people or be unloving and like you I dislike the hate that is vented towards other people of other Nations because our Country was once at war with them or still is because even if they are our enemy now we are to Love them.

    But there is another important Truth we need to remember we are not to agree with what God tells us is wrong, we do not tolerate it as He doesn’t or do we agree with sin in the Church or in the world even if the people say it is ok and water it down or tell us we are wrong.

    I’m a woman and I respect that God our Creator Ordained Men to be in Leadership and in Authority and for women to be their Helpmates and I do not in anyway feel less a person of value because He has. In Truth I feel greatly blessed and as a Helpmate, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually to my Husband, I have no doubts that this is a high calling and am honoured that I was chosen and equipped for this very important role.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

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