Buskers in the City

Sydney’s Busking Culture

Recently I’ve kicked off a conversation wth a few of the Pitt St mall buskers.

It started from a thought that the buskers would be suffering during the economic downturn and has just grown from there.

I am fascinated with this whole sub culture, the street performers, musicians and entertainers who drop the hat to earn a few coins, maybe a note, from passers by.

Remarkably, unknown to most of the passing crowd is the calibre of musician who stands before us.

Buskers of Renown

The Pitt St mall is quite a hotly contested area for performers, with its foot traffic and central location.

It has attracted renowned musicians including an ARIA award winner guitarist, semi finalist of Australia’s Got Talent and cureent competitor. One group has in excess of 25,000 Facebook fans.

To take the time to hear them perform is well worth the visit. To spare a few coins or buy a CD – well your supporting a local musician ekeing out an existence in a tough circuit.

Unfortunately, at least in Pitt St, you have to wait until after 2:00 pm as council don’t allow buskers to start until then.

Worse, a few shops are complaining trying to close off Busking altogether.


If you’d like to support buskers in the city, please join this Facebook group.

One response to “Buskers in the City

  1. I’ve heard some real good musicians busking 🙂 Can’t think why shops complain, you’d think it would bring in business?

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