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Oh 2012 Already

Has anyone else suddenly woke up to see it’s nigh on half way through January?

For that matter have I missed the boat? Happy new year …

2012 has started off at such a pace I can almost feel Easter!

I hope to write a blog or two a week – but damn this year is moving fast.

Is it just me or are others watching the Fridays arrive at a speed that is scarily fast?

The Law of Supply

It’s funny when you have an abundance of something how you squander it so quickly. For Christmas I received some after shave – the former bottle barely lasting with drops extended for weeks – yet

now a new bottle – well I’m a walking perfumery! Splashing here and there as if it were infinite.

Time appears like this too – when I was in my teens, my twenties, gees staying in bed till afternoon seemed reasonable enough. Now I couldn’t possibly squander that many hours.

Increasingly days are treasured, moments and events held onto.

The Year of the Dragon

In the Chinese calendar we’re about to enter the year of the dragon … Not sure of the significance of this, but for me it’s year of the dog.

As of new year we’re now owners of a rescued dog – beagle cross boxer.


As you can imagine kids love it and for me it forces exercise every night!

And so I’ve returned to the blogosphere, albeit not triumphantly with profound words of wisdom but still it’s a start. So happy new year readers and hope to chat more in 2012.


Death By Analysis

Death by AnalysisAs an iPhone user with numerous apps I have a world of statistical information at my fingertips.

From the WordPress Dashboard, to Facebook insights, Google Analytics, adwords, Twitter followers, LinkedIn profile stats, the channel views on YouTube … the statistical information rivals cricket (or to the US audience – baseball).

Oh, and don’t forget Klout and other amalgamated reporting tools.

The Virtual Game

It seems we’re increasingly inundated with more and more information but less and less relevance.

All these stats prompting us to believe we’re successful if we purchased and lacking if we haven’t.

It’s the virtual game, the online whitewash of mindless hours visually consuming any content that stumbles upon us.

We are generating millions of pages of predominant drivel yet nary a work of art in site.

The great thinkers, the philosophers of yesteryear, I wonder would they have blogged? Tweeted?

Don’t misunderstand, the act of blogging is a wonderful medium and I love the equalising nature of the Internet – yet as I squander my train trip on a blog post does it really matter?

Am I just adding to the virtual game?

It’s the Circle of (Google) Life

A great Ecclesiastes quote is there’s nothing new under the sun … the rise of the Internet, the spread of information, the build up of content … it seems we’re going full circle to why Google first became prevalent.

Increasingly relevance is the buzzword no one wants to discuss. The relevance of Twitter, Facebook, dare I say it … Google.

Seriously, the relevance of search, of innumerable followers, overwhelming likes … we are rapidly being fooled into playing a virtual game of popularity and rank.

Like the gamblers avidly pressing the buttons for the next big win – it’s coming – we’re dreaming up optimised headings with keyword saturation hoping for indexation and an increased click through rate.

Death by Analysis

Are we slowly killing creativity, new thought focusing on reach rather than relevance? Surely this is contradictory having written a blog of content on virtually nothing – but this is a pondering site, I don’t even fool myself in considering it relevant!

As I view site stats, the rise and fall of analytics, the static nature of pagerank, the Facebook likes and Twitter followers … what is the relevance? What does it really mean to have a strong Klout score – whose clout are you affecting? To tweet or not to tweet, a rhetorical question … and I’m not convinced I even like Facebook. I’m linked in to India, China, Pakistan but not to my local community.

So to the wise of the virtual world, the knowledgeable of social media, are we just drowning in analytical nonsense biased by various platforms or is there a meaning to this unceasing wave of verb-age?

What Makes a Blogger


I’m fascinated, as I pass 50 posts on this site, to consider the question …

at what point do you get credited as a Blogger?

I’m not talking about having registered a blog. Nor logging in and throwing up a post – no, this is about the seasoned pro’s, the big league, the elite.

When Do you earn the B?

When do you migrate from logging to blogging? When do you sit aside the rarified elite?

Is it tenure?




Or maybe the movement from rank amateur to paid professional – endorsing another’s products, services and sites, request for paid posts, and the growing comment demand for the occassional crumb to the lower PR blogs.

Aspiring Author, Writer, Blogger?

While on this stream, this self indulgence, when does a blogger become a writer? Or, of course, a writer a blogger? Or an author? What are the rules? Does an eBook count? A white paper?

Or is it a fully fledged publishing deal with those traditional outlets that allow words to be entombed by a hard cover?

Is there a class difference or amnity between bloggers and authors? How about journalists?

Am I just an upstart swarming with the minions competing endlessly for tag prioritisation? For a WordPress reference? Or, dare I mention it, the Google endorsement of a high PR?

In this faceless world of global opinions all vying for our 15 seconds of viral fame who is writing the rules?

Who is setting the standards?

What makes a blogger?

What gives legitimacy?

And, when all is said and done, what is the relevance?

Posted by the self proclaimed Blogger!

Australian Blogs

All too often us Aussies have to venture overseas to truly appreciate what an extraordinary country we live in.

Australian Wildlife - The Emu

In fact, for many travellers it’s only when you get somewhere o/s that you understand how many people would love to live here.

The Australian Blogging Community

Similarly, the Aussie blog sites also offer leading commentary, insights, and opinions.

The Australian culture is trained in understated, we’re renowned for supporting the under dog, for chopping down “tall poppies”, yet at what expense.

Through traversing the web, joining blog sites on LinkedIn and Facebook, I’ve come across some great Australian blogs – which shouldn’t be surprising!

But obviously many of the Aussie authors reflect the culture of understatement which emanates in Australian blogs.

Throw it out there

So to the sheilas, the blokes, the dinky di’s and true blue’s … what are some of the great Aussie blog sites that appear on your blog roll?

Social Transitions

Facebook Social MediaAs I sit pondering the social media landscape, using my iPhone to commune with the world I can’t help but wonder where it’s all heading.

Sure, I’m just some old guy with kids – a dad! What would I know?

But these questions are surfacing as we journey deeper into the online paradigm. Questions like are we gradually losing the ability to talk face to face? Are our children, in a generation or so, going to be quicker forming the written word than verbal? What about the changing vocabulary – like reading the old King James bible or Shakespeare, will words like laughter be lost to lol? Has it already been lost?

Transitional Generation

The X gen are literally the transitional generation. Living through the age of computers and the birth of virtual reality. The pioneers of the home pc and video games machines like Intellivision, Atari and the C64.

We’ve witnessed the increase of online gaming, social networks, we even lived before Google!

The Changing Culture

So where does this lead? When potential sportstars boast proudly of their best score ever on the PS2 via their Facebook page. When budding musicians are more intent mastering a fictitious guitar than learning a real one? When kids feel more secure and confident to discuss their daily woes with their online buddies than school friends.

I am all for progress, I love my iPhone, WiFi, blogging, Facebook … the online world opens opportunities and knowledge virtually impossible to attain previously. BUT where is it heading? Can we maintain the balance?

The modern trends of speed, of connectivity are taking their toll. Fast food is inextricably linked to our need for speed. So too is our ability to create, to imagine – when every available moment is connected to a device when do we get time to ponder?

So is our need for WiFi replacing LiFe?

New Beginnings

As I gradually get my head around the many facets of dLook I keep coming back to this wonderful site and dream of its potential. To have the time to capture thoughts, feelings and emotions and document them in a central place known as a blog.

Well, I’ve tagged this blog a site of pondering … a place of reflection and an area where I can capture some of the trails of thoughts that don’t necessarily relate to dLook and my business frontier but rather enable a character development. Almost like an under theme of a movie, this blog is purely a place of rest for me – unless of course it gains PageRank and I’ll utilise aspects for a few odd backlinks and shameless promotion.

I am blissfully unaware of the following on this blog and really the history behind it but it seems opportune to reignite its former glory albeit in a very different guise. “You cannot step into the same river twice” seems apt for I don’t presume to maintain the site as it once was nor do I feel that’s fair. So instead I’ll gradually recreate a new feel, a new theme and my own style.

For those witnessing the creation here’s my first post, for those that uncover this unnecessary diatribe in months or years to come here’s to new beginnings.

3rd May Update on the Top Aussie Bloggers

I’ve recalculated the Top 100 Australian Blogs Index.

Debuting (or re-appearing) this week:
(yes, due to public consensus, I’ve added my blog back in)
(Way to go Matt – this is a terrific program!)
(Way to go Leigh – that makes 2!)

Again, special thanks to Scott Yang, and also Anthony at The Local. His new additions help me flag blogs to check. If you’re an Aussie Blogger, I highly recommend you submit your blog to

Also, special congratulations to our own Duncan Riley who appears to have a new writing gig on Techcrunch (the 18th most popular blog in the world according to Technorati).