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For $50 I Would

Read a good thread in a forum posing the question if you were given $50 what would you do with it?

This was spiced up a little by actually giving away $50 to the best comment.

The focus was on ideas, a glimpse of peoples character and I guess a good forum for insights into what $50 really can get you.

This forum was predominantly tech related, so the inevitable suggestions of backlinks packages, articles, domain names and hosting were offered.

Others went the track of trinkets or little tidbits.

Then there were the altruistic, that supported a cause or event like Milaap or ONE80TC.

How about you … $50 on the line what would you do with it?


New Beginnings

Well a theme that’s popped up a bit this year already is speed and the disappearance of time. Generally been caught in a whirlwind as 2012 days get ripped from the calendar.

But reflecting on a different beginning today. A new start for my youngest who went into school this year.

It’s been great to see the excitement on his face as he put on his school uniform, stood proudly with his school bag or bundled off for his first week at school.

I’m sure school has changed significantly since I was there, not that I recall kindergarten anyway. But I do hope that as he begins this journey a wide eyed love of learning is embedded right from the start.

So while my youngest enters kindergarten, my eldest started 3rd grade … and this I do remember. Pretty vividly.

Whether it’s the rapidly winding minutes, the days or the years, I’m realising how fast life gets away from you – that it truly is but a vapour, a whisper that was spoke and finished and seemed no more than but a few breaths.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me who is the biggest fool?

I’ve tried to adopt a new philosophy in my life to be less judgmental of others. Sure the thoughts still come up, but rather than give them light I use them for reflection.

Mirror Image

The mirror on the wall forces you to look at yourself. To see your reflection, how you look on the outside to others.

Surely, that’s only a reflection. It’s but an image, the external view of yourself, not actually you.

But isn’t this how we judge others?

Just a reflection?

We see a situation, an event, a news story, an action, or behaviour and form an opinion based merely on a reflection.

You probably saw the trap coming – yet how often do we jump to a conclusion based on opinion rather than facts?

The Plank or the Speck

So rather than condemn or judge someone else, when I get the thought I look in the reflection.

I ask myself questions like why?

Why do I feel that way towards this person? Why does this evoke such emotions? Why do I judge someone else this way?

Then, I reflect, turn the mirror on me.

There’s a story in the bible which talks about removing the plank from your own eye before picking out the speck from someone else. (Mt 7:1-5)

Judgment should be saved for the mirror, a judgment of my own thoughts, behaviours, actions and outcomes.

Shades of Grey

It’s easy to judge someone else on the outcomes in black and white, yet for ourselves it’s shades of grey.

After all, we know what we intended. We know what we were trying to do.

We judge ourselves by our ideals yet too often others by the outcomes.

For me I’m trying something different. As I come across events or situations that irritate me I reflect first, look at them in the mirror – it’s amazing how it changes your perspective.

Choose to Cheat

For those that know me they expect to hear a phrase: “I was listening to a great podcast the other day and …”

I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts and a recent life changing one was Choose to Cheat by Andy Stanley.

In fact it was two well timed podcasts, the first was a leadership stream and second was a service on the same theme.

Choose to Cheat is the acceptance that managing time means that someone or something will miss out. There are only 24 hours in a day and at best you’ll only function about 18 of them.

Seems like a lot when you think of so many hours, until you break it down.

Living on Borrowed Time

Our lives are becoming increasingly busy, with so much to fit in. After all, think of the many roles you play in life.

For me it’s a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a boss, an employee, a friend, a squash player, a handyman (albeit an ordinary one), a writer, a reader, a board member, a … It goes on and on – when you consider the many roles you play and the time commitments for each it becomes obvious that not all will be given their required share.

Something’s got to give … whether it’s family, friendships, fitness, the one area that generally isn’t lacking is work.

Choose to cheat asks us to recognise this before the fall rather than be surprised when it happens.

Andy Stanley compares it to holding a rock for an extended time, at some stage physically your body will react and, no matter how mentally tough you are, you will drop it.

Maybe it’s not you that drops the rock, but your wife, your kids.

This podcast was a timely reminder that managing time is a good way of avoiding the real issues of a lack of time in areas you should be investing.

It certainly impacted my life!

Find more about the Choose to cheat or it’s more modern title, When Work and Family Collide.

Getting Into The Swing

Is anyone else caught in limbo?

Has anyone else just noticed January disappeared in a blink?

Has anyone else struggled to get in the swing of things?

I’ve woken up to February! The first month of the year gone and rapidly moving through the second.

Age is a funny thing, obviously perspective changes and time no longer seems constant.

I seriously question the consistency of time – I think it was Einstein who stated time is relative.

While one races through life always in a hurry, another strolls and takes in the view.

Well this season certainly isn’t a stroll – t’s a sprint! Frantic, frenetic, rapid and much more 🙂

Well, to keep up I’ll sign off and rush to the next race!

2012 The Year of

As we wrap up 2011 and hear all the things about the year that was, I’m pondering the next, what 2012 will bring.

What new starts, renewed hopes, challenges? Are you moving into the next year with giddy anticipation or a sense of dread? Excitement or expecting the same old same old?

I think I might be easily excited but I’m moving forward with a sense of great anticipation. That 2012 will be the best year yet. End of the World?

While some claim it’s the end of the world based on predictions using the Mayan calendar. Others forecasting economic depression throughout the Western world. Still others are too busy training for the XXX London Olympics. I’m filled with hope, joy and an excitement of what another year on this planet holds.

Half Empty or Half Full

I’m sure many know the analogy of the cup of water – whether it’s half empty or half full. Well it’s probably no surprise I tend to be in the half full category.

I recently came across Milaap, an organisation based in India that provide high risk “loans” to communities who are simply after running water, sewerage or education. It truly reminded me of the abundance I have.

So how about others? What is 2012 holding in store? Is the outlook positive? Or are there some dark clouds looming?

As you read this are you thinking half empty or half full? Year of potential or just another day, another dollar.

What is 2012 the year of for you?

Credit Where Credits Due

I feel The spirit of Christmas is upon me … and want to give a shout out for a few government departments.

National Health System

Recently had to deal with Medicare, Australia’s government run health system, and received extraordinary service. Extraordinary is a strong word, yet apt when compared to my expectations.
I’m not sure why, but I’ve been conditioned to expect long waits, brash service and process driven red tape.
Yet here I was needing to phone the hotline, and literally within seconds I was through to customer service (Annie you’re a legend) and all issues resolved on the phone in a jiffy! No recorded message stating my call was important, or that I was 76th in the queue – straight through and sorted. Thanks Medicare.

NSW State Rail

In continuing the spirit of spreading the love want to give a shout out for NSW State Rail.
Trains rolling across the veins of our landscape virtually every waking hour of every day. Providing safe passage for commuters to and from work and largely without hitch.
If only my PC had as good a performance.
I often hear complaints about state rail but gees they do a great job. The staff and crew deserve recognition for dealing with us public each and every day.
For those who work in retail you appreciate what it’s like dealing with the general public – for every decent customer there’s a heap of others that just don’t make your day.
So my Christmas rap goes out to the government run Medicare and State rail for providing a great service that all too often goes unappreciated.