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For $50 I Would

Read a good thread in a forum posing the question if you were given $50 what would you do with it?

This was spiced up a little by actually giving away $50 to the best comment.

The focus was on ideas, a glimpse of peoples character and I guess a good forum for insights into what $50 really can get you.

This forum was predominantly tech related, so the inevitable suggestions of backlinks packages, articles, domain names and hosting were offered.

Others went the track of trinkets or little tidbits.

Then there were the altruistic, that supported a cause or event like Milaap or ONE80TC.

How about you … $50 on the line what would you do with it?

Christmas With A Difference

ChristmasTreeWhile we head into the Christmas season and – at least at our house – we have already put up the Christmas tree, and now there are presents amassing and we’re planning our big family get together to feast on turkey, ham, pudding and much much more.

I began to consider others that may not be feeling the Christmas spirit … those that don’t share the same wealth, the same abundance, some who have never even tasted ham or turkey.

The Gift of Christmas

The Christmas season is founded on the birth of Jesus – the ultimate gift of generosity. Though, I don’t want to use this blog as a platform to focus on the Christian definition of Christmas, but more the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is about generosity – about giving, about sharing. It’s about getting together with loved ones, with families and, for most, it’s a time of celebration, feasting and present giving.

A Different Gift

I’d like to introduce an organisation that offers a different gift for Christmas, one that offers you the opportunity to provide a loan to a family in need – from as little as a one off loan of $50 you can support a community with fresh water, infrastructure, education and much more.

Hey, don’t rely on me for the info, check out Milaap and read about it. I’ve only just come across this via MediaCause and am reading more into it myself.

But why not take a $50 gift that you were going to put towards someone else and throw it into this worthy cause? A gift with a difference … something that will truly impact a community that doesn’t experience the blessing of Christmas like ours.

Seriously, what would we need to miss out on for $50? Or if a friend came to you and said, hey mate, could you lend us a 50 would you knock them back? I know there are thousands of causes everywhere … but just check out what these guys do – visit their site and check out the projects that you could loan to.

The Scents of Church

When you think of Church what comes to mind?

Church PewsFor some it may conjure images of the traditional Catholic or Anglican cathedrals associated with Europe – stone buildings with wooden pews, stained glass windows and an organist plugging out traditional hymns. Pillars of the Earth sort of stuff steeped in tradition and dogma.

Or maybe it’s of a priest or minister stood atop a dais preaching at their congregation messages of doom and gloom. Or long drawn out sermons delivered in a monotone and the ensuing dread of falling asleep.

So when you think about church or religion, what are the senses that come to mind? What are the smells, the tastes, what do you see or hear when you think of Church?

To get in the mood check out Kana’s blog on a modern day collection plate!

The Last Word

As the world press laments the death of Dan Wheldon, two time winner of the Indianapolis 500, I’ve pondered the last words posted by Dan.

Dan Wheldon

Now, I don’t profess to knowing anything about Dan Wheldon, nor do I know much about Indy 500 and IndyCar racing … so if you stumbled here on that basis – sorry! But a post came up in my feed and I followed it to see who he was.

The thing that stood out to me was his Twitter feed … right up until the 17th October 2011 Dan Wheldon was tweeting and carrying on his life and living without any thought of what was about to happen to him, his family, the racing world, the press, his friends, his fans, his followers.

@DanWheldon, the official Twitter of IndyCar and two time Indianapolis 500 Champion Dan Wheldon … and with his last tweet that simply stated “Green!!!!”.

The Last Post

As Dan tweeted that post he was in high spirits about the potential of winning, an earlier post “Big day today, $5,000,000.00 at stake!!! Heading to the track.”

There were no doubts in his mind of returning to his wife and children, there was no doubts about tweeting his result after the race – probably even anticipating a win. But for Dan the tragedy of death struck and has rippled throughout his life circles … his family, friends, the racing fraternity and beyond.

For Dan Wheldon, there were no profound last words, no farewell speech, no chance for goodbyes or kisses for his children – for Dan Wheldon his last post was simply “Green!!!!”.

What will your last post be? What will your final words be? Who will be let down? Who will be upset? Who will feel unfulfilled? Who will be left angry? How will you be remembered?

For Each Moment

There are 1000’s of self help lessons on living for the moment, the “carpe diem” life! There are many that spend all their time chasing trinkets and novelties … but for Dan Wheldon, if given the chance, would he have chosen to miss that race and spend the day with his kids? To sit with his mum and dad? His siblings?

This obviously has nothing to do with Dan Wheldon, I didn’t know him, I know nothing about him … but it did get me thinking if it were to happen so suddenly to me what is left unfinished? Who have I treated the wrong way? Or left disappointed? Have I spent the time with my kids and left treasures in their hearts? My family? My wife? My friends?

Have I invested my time living in things worthwhile? Have I sown seeds that were worth harvesting? Or am I just leaving lots of weeds?

Well that was my train of thought … I’d literally never heard of Dan Wheldon until today, but his legacy left something for me that far outweighs any Indy championship.

A Crown of Splendour

Back when I was a wee boy, well about 15 actually – so I should say back when I knew it all and had an answer for everything – our family travelled to the UK.

We were off to see our extended family after about a 6 year gap since leaving London.

Far out, two paragraphs just to develop character! Anyway, one of the most vivid memories of that trip was meeting my uncle, Eamon.

The thing was Eamon, at the time, was probably hitting late 40’s and what stood out was this awesome mass of silvery grey hair. As soon as I saw it I thought to myself I want one of those!

The Crown of Splendour

Seriously, since 15 years of age I’ve waited patiently to go gray. To sport a head of silver – the crown of glory! In fact a favourite bible verse is: Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness. (Proverbs 16:31 NIV)

Now the irony of all this isn’t that, as I’ve entered my 40’s, I’m completely bald – rather I’m yet to see a single gray hair. I thought I’d had enough worry, enough experience to earn maybe a few grays by now but no. Not one. Not even in other regions!

The Era of Anti Aging

In this era of anti aging; botox, facelifts, miracle creams, potions and elixirs – I seem to be one of few who still look forward to my next decade, rather than long for the one (or two) just gone. While others are seeking medical cures for this disease known as aging, well I’m wondering where are my grays.

Sure I could buy some hair dye, fashion myself a gray mane, but it seems like it’s cheating.

The Dying Bunch

Why is it we shun aging so avidly? We avoid displaying our laugh lines! We don’t like to mention our age. Is it our fear of the inevitable? The destination of life that’s common to us all? Or, like me, are you concerned that maybe you’ll get to 50, 60 and still not have a gray to show for yourself.

So needless to say I’ll continue inspecting and rejoice when I’m finally granted my crown of splendour! The gray silvery mane atop the aging head with the increasing laugh lines.

Children & Technology

I guess I shouldn’t be amazed but kids and technology just go hand in hand. 20110626-043510.jpgBy 4, my son just can’t wait to get his hands on my iPhone, navigate his way through to photo accessories, start taking pics with various special designs, without any thought as to what he is doing. No appreciation of the tools, the endless programming, the amazing advances, the history of SLR’s and the fact that creating these sorts of effects, only a decade ago, required significant skill and training. Now, point, click, review, add effect – semi professional 4 year old abstract photography.

20110626-043525.jpgBy seven, well my daughter is an old hand! Taking photos with special effects, whoopie! Now she’s asking can we post this to Facebook. I’m waiting for her to ask about creating her own social profile.

Gen X First Wave

As part of Gen X, we were at the forefront of home pc technology and gaming. So tech comes almost second nature to us – yet to my children, wow there’s never been life without it.

With Twitter, Facebook, iPhone’s, eyetoy’s and more already here what’s the glimpse of gaming, of technology in the future?

Virtual reality has been around for decades, but is really emerging now. When I used to work with Commodore we played with early VR, Amiga’s and more. Running PC shows, I remember then how advanced some of the users were – how much more so today.

Speed of Change

Obviously age is starting to creep in – rather than crave the next wave of technology, I’m finding it a little too expensive to want to keep up … just want my new gadget to be relevant for more than a blink of an eye. The kids however, the faster the better – Dad, kids at school said we should have this or that app! How do they even know!

Architect of a Generation

I came across this poem written many years ago – it was one of my favourites and was written pre children 🙂

Architect of a Generation

(April, 2001)

I was given inspiration
From an unexpected source
The setting of an old wares store
Proved the unlikely resource

A woman spoke to me of children
Of advise given by her mum
Passed to her many years ago
At the birth of her new born son

She proceeded to explain
Though her mum was not profound
That those words offered early
For her life she was bound …

“A child’s not property
A child you cannot own
Although you’ll spend years creating
It more a kind of loan”

“A child’s like a building
Your job is to build the base
They will build the structure
That’s offered to the human race”

So as the architect of a generation
Ensure the supports are sound
For within another thirty years
Their turn will come around.