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On the Buses

Travel Ten Pass

If you’ve heard of a travel 10 pass then likely you’ve been on the buses.

Recently made the decision, well forced. Decision, to swap my commute to travel via bus rather than train.

I’m still sticking to the public transport system, in fact embracing it even more … for now I’m travelling all the way from home to the city rather than the deive to the station.

The Bus Queue Phenomenom

i don’t know if this is universal or just indicative of my particular route, but the bus crew or commuters are so much more friendly.

Maybe it’s more personal queueing for a bus? Or sharing a journey via road vehicle? I’m not sure, but people seem so much more approachable.

I’m loving this commute, albeit a little less flexible – but all the same a fantastic way to travel.

Once again a big thumbs up to the Sydney public transport system!

How’s The Resolutions?

So, (insert your name here), how are your new year’s resolutions going?

Huh, mine? No I asked you first.

Oh, alright. Well I really didn’t set any.

What, I told you I did. Oh, well I guess I have one that I’m working on – but it might take a while … losing weight takes time you know.

Yeah, I know I’m looking remarkably like I did last time I saw you, and if truth be told maybe a little more of me arrived this time!

Sound Familiar?

So have you had this conversation, or similar – insert personal resolution rather than mine.

In fact, I haven’t had this conversation with anyone but me – for though I’ve made some changes to my lifestyle they don’t appear to be impacting yet.

Tell a lie, the changes are impacting – just not as I expected.

I’ve never been fond of new year’s resolutions … they seem to be the non core promises we make to ourselves.

Surely there are exceptions, but it appears most are in the same boat – we start the new year full of ideals and expectations and by mid February find ourselves in a similar mode to December of the year before.

Supposedly a habit takes about 14 days to form so why is it so hard to change – especially for the better!

Anyone else struggling? Or have you implemented lifestyle changes that you stuck to?


“Tell me why I don’t like Mondays”

Monday-itisThe famous line by Bob Geldof about a young girl who shot up a school because she didn’t like Mondays.

So many people start their week with Mondayitis – that sense of routine, mundane. A boredom of living through another Monday.

I’m struck by the ridiculousness of this – Mondayitis … after all Monday’s make up 1/7th of our life.

I know most don’t seriously write off their Mondays – but many don’t approach it with a sense of joy, of anticipation.

The March of Time

Life passes so quickly, it constantly marches to a rhythm, the “second tempo”, 60 seconds that turn into minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and then … they’re gone.

An old saying “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” rings so true. Your childhood isn’t treasured till its passed. Your youth and its inherent beauty and potential are often unappreciated. Even your 20’s are all too often squandered, 30’s most likely frantic with kids – then your 40 and realising how valuable life is.

A Chasing of the Wind

“Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” The opening lines of Ecclesiastes, a book written by the wisest man to ever live, Solomon.

The book goes on to say life is like chasing the wind – that we are but vapours that inhabit the Earth for but a few short decades, some might make a century? Yet before we recognise the value of life its gone, time will have passed, age will set in and life’s rhythmic march will be soon to end.

Leaping into Monday’s

I know most don’t actually want to miss Monday’s … that it’s a social idiom but I’d like to challenge people to embrace Monday’s – and Tuesdays, Wednesdays … mornings and evenings. Life is too short to be stuck in mundane, routine or worse, unhappiness, depression, addiction, sadness, loneliness – take action, make a decision that time is to be treasured and jump into life to live it to its fullest.