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The Last Word

As the world press laments the death of Dan Wheldon, two time winner of the Indianapolis 500, I’ve pondered the last words posted by Dan.

Dan Wheldon

Now, I don’t profess to knowing anything about Dan Wheldon, nor do I know much about Indy 500 and IndyCar racing … so if you stumbled here on that basis – sorry! But a post came up in my feed and I followed it to see who he was.

The thing that stood out to me was his Twitter feed … right up until the 17th October 2011 Dan Wheldon was tweeting and carrying on his life and living without any thought of what was about to happen to him, his family, the racing world, the press, his friends, his fans, his followers.

@DanWheldon, the official Twitter of IndyCar and two time Indianapolis 500 Champion Dan Wheldon … and with his last tweet that simply stated “Green!!!!”.

The Last Post

As Dan tweeted that post he was in high spirits about the potential of winning, an earlier post “Big day today, $5,000,000.00 at stake!!! Heading to the track.”

There were no doubts in his mind of returning to his wife and children, there was no doubts about tweeting his result after the race – probably even anticipating a win. But for Dan the tragedy of death struck and has rippled throughout his life circles … his family, friends, the racing fraternity and beyond.

For Dan Wheldon, there were no profound last words, no farewell speech, no chance for goodbyes or kisses for his children – for Dan Wheldon his last post was simply “Green!!!!”.

What will your last post be? What will your final words be? Who will be let down? Who will be upset? Who will feel unfulfilled? Who will be left angry? How will you be remembered?

For Each Moment

There are 1000’s of self help lessons on living for the moment, the “carpe diem” life! There are many that spend all their time chasing trinkets and novelties … but for Dan Wheldon, if given the chance, would he have chosen to miss that race and spend the day with his kids? To sit with his mum and dad? His siblings?

This obviously has nothing to do with Dan Wheldon, I didn’t know him, I know nothing about him … but it did get me thinking if it were to happen so suddenly to me what is left unfinished? Who have I treated the wrong way? Or left disappointed? Have I spent the time with my kids and left treasures in their hearts? My family? My wife? My friends?

Have I invested my time living in things worthwhile? Have I sown seeds that were worth harvesting? Or am I just leaving lots of weeds?

Well that was my train of thought … I’d literally never heard of Dan Wheldon until today, but his legacy left something for me that far outweighs any Indy championship.

Icebreaker or Conversation Killer

Insert your convesation herePicture this image, you meet a stranger and start a discussion – in fact it becomes a long one. What do you discuss?

Yesterday I met a tourist promoting a charity, hoping to sign me up as a sponsor. We struck up a conversation. I saw an opportunity to recruit a part time copywriter and chatted about dLook.

At no point did I feel I was confronting, nor did I feel I was out of line. In fact I had a great opportunity to help her earn a few extra dollars.

Similarly, if I meet the owner of a business, I’m quick to launch into promoting online advertising, again I believe in the product, I know that for most businesses dLook offers a great product and it’s a great offer.

When I’m chatting with friends I feel no issue talking about a recent movie or expressing an opinion even if different to their own. If I’ve come across a good restaurant, a cool YouTube video or website I’ve stumbled upon – sure, I’ll chat about it.

Even people I don’t know well, casual acquaintances, I can be embroiled in debate over carbon tax, welfare, the environment.

At no time during these conversations do I feel I’ve stepped on someone’s toes, or been too polarizing in my views.

But if I talk about my faith, my Christian beliefs, mention the word Jesus or the bible, then I may see a different reaction. Why?

I believe in my faith, I feel I can share a great opportunity (like dLook there is a need to recruit people), I absolutely believe in the “product” or message. In terms of promoting a great story or life changing “carpe diem” moment what’s more important than eternal life? Yet, this subject is off limits, it’s taboo! For many, even the inclusion in this blog post is confronting, or maybe I’m tagged a bible basher. But why?

I can ask you to like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, I can promote my blog, though if I promote my Christian beliefs then I’m stepping on toes. I’d really like to understand why we can try to help someone improve their career, we can even help with “life coaching” but death coaching … different story.

How about you? What do you discuss? Fill in the conversation bubble – are you an ice breaker or a conversation killer? And if I were to approach you about my faith what’s the right way? How would you like me to broach the subject?

The Awesome Age of Technology

Waiting for Money

Friday lunch time, pay day for many and what do I see at my local ATM? An enormous queue!

I’m talking 12 – 15 people queuing to withdraw a few bucks from the hole in the wall.

This may not seem overly remarkable accept that the hole in the wall was attached to a bank … an entirely empty one. While a dozen people wait patiently in a queue, I walk straight into the bank up to a teller – you know, those real people that have access to a computer and a till – and make a withdrawal.

All the while, outside still queuing are a dozen or so people completely oblivious to this service the banks offer.

Are You Technology Mad?

We seem to have become technology mad … so tuned in to living with automated machinery that we forget there are sometimes alternatives.

A number of times I’ve caught myself plugging in my parents address or something equally stupid to my GPS. Then, even though I knew how to get there, I’ve followed the directions while thinking to myself – well I wouldn’t go this way!

Or the ultimate, texting someone in the next room! Not that I’ve ever done that.

Top 10 Signs You’re a Technology Tragic

So here’s the top 10 list to see if you are technology mad. To see whether you are beyond the point of salvation, that you should request an auto-botomy:

  • People work in a bank?
  • Shorthand to you is LOL and ❤
  • A spider is a search engine program
  • Changed your name to Qwerty by deed poll
  • You need a GPS to get out the driveway
  • WIFI WAP APP makes sense
  • If it’s not on foursquare you mustn’t have been
  • Guitar virtuoso … on Guitar Hero
  • Your geography is limited to WOW realms
  • Going viral is actually good

So how did you go? Do you require the modern lobotomy? The Auto-botomy. Self confessed technology junkie? Or is there still enough gray matter to spot the alternatives.

Social Transitions

Facebook Social MediaAs I sit pondering the social media landscape, using my iPhone to commune with the world I can’t help but wonder where it’s all heading.

Sure, I’m just some old guy with kids – a dad! What would I know?

But these questions are surfacing as we journey deeper into the online paradigm. Questions like are we gradually losing the ability to talk face to face? Are our children, in a generation or so, going to be quicker forming the written word than verbal? What about the changing vocabulary – like reading the old King James bible or Shakespeare, will words like laughter be lost to lol? Has it already been lost?

Transitional Generation

The X gen are literally the transitional generation. Living through the age of computers and the birth of virtual reality. The pioneers of the home pc and video games machines like Intellivision, Atari and the C64.

We’ve witnessed the increase of online gaming, social networks, we even lived before Google!

The Changing Culture

So where does this lead? When potential sportstars boast proudly of their best score ever on the PS2 via their Facebook page. When budding musicians are more intent mastering a fictitious guitar than learning a real one? When kids feel more secure and confident to discuss their daily woes with their online buddies than school friends.

I am all for progress, I love my iPhone, WiFi, blogging, Facebook … the online world opens opportunities and knowledge virtually impossible to attain previously. BUT where is it heading? Can we maintain the balance?

The modern trends of speed, of connectivity are taking their toll. Fast food is inextricably linked to our need for speed. So too is our ability to create, to imagine – when every available moment is connected to a device when do we get time to ponder?

So is our need for WiFi replacing LiFe?