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The ANZAC Spirit

Today Australia remembers its armed service men and women who fought, who served and many who gave their lives to retain a lifestyle many of us take for granted.

It’s hard to consider sliding doors, what would have been had WWII gone in a different direction.

What Are We Fighting For?

The question I pondered this morning is what did we fight for? What freedoms, liberties, rights were the lives laid down for?

Are we honouring those lives now?

Are we thankful for our rights? Our right to vote, to worship, to attend school, for equality in race, gender?

More to the point, have we achieved those ideals? Are we any closer now to equality than in the 40’s?

There is still a real under current of rascism and sexism in Australian society – in fact today many Japanese and Korean descended men and women will stay at home today for fear of historic judgment.

Or our modern “enemy” broadly referred to as Muslims or the Islamic community. Are they entitled to the same freedoms?

How about Australian women? Are they achieving equality? Or do they suffer the same limitations of the 1950’s? A facade of opportunity yet still limited by the reality of a male dominated power class.

As we celebrate the bravery, the service of the ANZACs it’s important to remember the legacy they fought for. Why their lives were sacrificed. What rights, freedoms and rules were worth the lives of so many thousands of Australians.

Lest we forget.

First of March

And so ends another glorious summer!

The 1st of March and we wave goodbye to the sun, the heat, the nights of tossing and turning.

Well most years that would be the case, this past summer was at best a continued spring. With lots of rain, patches of sun and great conditions for grass to grow!

So goodbye Australian summer and welcome to Autumn – I can safely say it won’t be a wetter season!


Not More Cricket

Ok, I’m sorry I am writing again on cricket – but it is Aussie summer, we are in cricket season and Australia are annihilating the Indians.

The WACA test started today and, based on a quick glance at close of play, it may as well be over.

I am sure like many Aussies, we’d expected a tough dual, maybe even questioned if our team could compete – but we’re talking trouncing.

This isn’t even a game – it’s practice! More bowling in a 50 over one dayer. Well not quite, it took Australia 60 overs.

I’m sure the Indians are rueing the day they left home soil – as for the supporters I’m actually starting to feel for them. If this keeps up the Aussies will start supporting the Indians due to being such underdogs.

Is Test Cricket Ruined?

I’m sure others are wondering the same – if India can’t last day 1 on a pitch where Warner came out and slogged 70 (scratch that 95 … Just too impatient -make that a ton) then what’s the future of the five day game?

With the demands of TV, declining attention spans and an inability for teams to adapt across styles surely test cricket has to evolve.

I love a close test – I love the to and fro and strategy – but Day 1 all out and a likely overwhelming declaration early day 3. The WACA test is as one sided as Sydney.

The only question worth adking is whose hands up for the triple century in this one?

The Aussie Summer

While much of the Northern hemisphere rugs up for their Christmas feast, here in Australia it’s summer – sun, beach and cricket.

Our Christmas day was spent with the air con on! Following an unusually wet December Christmas day was hot and sunny and a great day spent in the backyard.

But it’s boxing day that is a favourite for many Aussies, not always the Aussie wives though! On boxing day begins the Melbourne cricket test.

Cricket 101

The game aptly named test cricket.

I’m not sure how well you know the sport of cricket but a test can go for up to 5 days and still produce no result … and the fans love it!

With 11 players on each side, cricket is played on a large oval. One team bats while the other bowls and fields.

A small baseball sized hard leather ball is hurtled down a pitch at up to 160 km per hour (100 miles) and tries to hit three small wooden pegs (wickets). In a 8 whole day it’s quite feasible not to hit the wickets once.

The batters, one at each end of the pitch, aim to hit the ball to score runs and if it makes it to the boundary it’s 4 runs or 6 if it’s over on the full.

A little like baseball, there are 4 innings. The team bats until 10 batters are out and then changes to bowling. Then once they get there opponents out swap for another turn.

As said, this process can go on for up to 5 days.

Like many sports, it’s the stats that keep it interesting … batting averages, strike rates, fastest, highest, longest, most.

The Boxing Day Test

The boxing day test in Melbourne is one of the pinnacles of Australia’s sporting calendar – coinciding with another major event, the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Literally thousands of families throughout Australia are glued to their TV’s for hours watching on boxing day.

This year it’s Australia against India – and it’s been riveting! An on field rivalry between nations has added to the spectacle plus the anticipation of Tendulkar scoring his 100th ton. That’s 100 runs 100 times – a feat never before achieved and he’s one off.

For many the thing that truly makes a test is the commentary – with a choice of TV or radio – and I have to admit the ABC Grandstand commentary is my choice – with Jim Maxwell, Kerry O’Keeffe and many more entertaining us for hours.

With the test kicking off in minutes, I just recommend you check it out – skill, tactics, strategy, patience – a test is aptly named for it tests the endurance of bowlers, the patience of batters, and, of course, the viewers.

Not Perfect

Back in 1999 – yes last century – was a great song released by Baz Lurhman. For those who haven’t heard it check it out on YouTube: Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen).

It turns out it was written by a Chicago columnist, Mary Schmick who indulged herself by writing a graduation speech that went viral!

The Perfect Model

Now with my own kids, I consider the advice that I pass on to them … especially in light of the blitz they’ll receive from media and peers.

The constant chase for unattainable perfection – and I’m not talking about a pursuit of self improvement, but perfection of image. A constant chasing of societal perfection – an exterior paint job rather than an inner working in making the most out of the clay that’s been given.

Why are we so compelled to chase perfection? Why do we wish our lives away wanting a different this or that? The “if only I” syndrome … if only I had more money, a different nose, a better job, more confidence.

We’re forever wishing to be something or someone else, not realising how blessed we are in what we’ve been given.

There is no perfect model, no Mr or Miss Right, there’s no human that is flawless, just some flaws are more easily hid.

Not Perfect

I came across a song that I felt worth sharing – written by comedian, Tim Minchin.

I love the line, this is my life and I live in it – but unlike Tim, I think my life is perfect … perfectly flawed, perfectly imperfect!