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Weather With You

Bringing Back the Crowded House

Who remembers Crowded House? Hope it’s not just me … I’m sure there are others who know this great New Zealand come Aussie, and a few Americans, band.

These guys launched hit after hit during the 80’s through 90’s including Don’t Dream it’s Over, Better Be Home Soon, Distant Sun … and on and on.

A personal fave was “Weather With You” first released in 1991 by Crowded House on their Woodface album, and then released in 1996 on their greatest hits album, Recurring Dream.

A cracker of a song and pretty cool clip.

Chrissie Pearce | Weather With You

Now, Chrissie Pearce, known for her album Comfort Chair has released the song.

Now I know remakes are always hard to get right, but damn, with slide guitar and almost a folk, even bluegrass feel, they’ve done this song justice!

Check out the behind the scenes look at their upcoming video release.

Crowded House fans

So were you a Crowded House fan? Did you crowd in at the Opera House? Are you old enough to remember these cracker songs? You might even remember Split Enz! 😛

Well for my two cents worth, Chrissie has done the song proud.

The Muppets

For the first time in close to a year I’m trekking off to the movies!

The MuppetsNot just any old block buster or box office hit – no today, with kids in tow, it’s The Muppet Domination.

Dare I confess that the choice was made much simpler having enjoyed the Muppets as a kid, and Labyrinth.

Jim Henson’s Genius

What a whizz Jim Henson was – his contribution to puppetry and to technology was as great as Steve Jobs.

Seriously, the whole concept of puppetry was taken to a whole new level with the Muppets. No animated sequences and Walt Disney cartoons – but a huge cast and crew bringing to life Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal! Sorry Fozzy, can’t forget about you.

So, I’ll drag myself to the movies, sit through a long boring G rated film … And love every minute of it!

Go the Muppets resurgence! Back to the Muppets Domination!