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Team Sports Like Football

Who’s bright idea was it to play sport after 40?

So, I’m standing there with my 5 year old … awaiting under 6 team allocations and there heralds an announcement: Attention please, the over 35’s division 9 are short a few players please see the registration desk if interested.

Over 35 – tick. Division 9 – sounds reasonable. Me reigniting my soccer career and running around a soccer oval for 90 minutes – tick. Signed up, ready to go – tick.

Now if this were a mathematical equation then the excel spreadsheet would have reported an error – unknown variable.

(>35)+(-abilty)+(=90 mins)+(me)=ERROR

The first three factors are fine, no untruths – the competition is greater than 35 year olds, the lesser ability is emphasised by the ranking of division 9. A mens game of soccer is 2x 45 minute halves. All factual.

The erroneous calculation in this equation is the addition of me … I’ve trained one night and I’m still sore!

I have the right equipment, I almost look the part – ignoring the bulge in the middle … so in theory the equation works.

Theory vs Practice

Don’t you love lab experiments gone wrong!

The theory is sound, I am over 35, certainly of lesser ability, and in theory my body can move for 90 minutes.

Yet this is an important lesson for those yet to reach their 40’s: theory and practice don’t seem to = each other, there seems to be a < sign in there. Practice is < theory!

So here I am readying myself for the first trial game. Acknowledging that I have in fact signed optimistically for a season while I'm still trying to recover from our first light training.

The only hope left now is to pray … hope for mind over heavy matter and await the inevitable pains, aches and woes of tomorrow.

Yours in soccer, "Gummy" boots!


What Keeps You Fit

Well last night I was back up at the local squash court forcing ny body to move in ways it clearly wasn’t designed to!20111117-233649.jpg

I started squash about 10 years ago – with the onset of my 30’s I noticed the departure of health. With kids, work, and responsibility it allowed little time for something selfish like exercise. After all it almost seems self indulgent!

Taking time out to get fit – or maintain these amazingly developed curves (rolls) became a luxury and so any definition I may have had was smoothed into gentle rolling waves of “looser” muscle. 🙂

The battle with weight catches up with most of us and, at least in my case coincided with a growing interest in food. Getting on the scales and seeing weights a test batsman would be proud of galvanised me into action.

So I stumbled into a squash court, took up a nice easy game that doesn’t overly test your fitness … well not originally because I couldn’t run after the first or second shot!

How Important is Exercise?

We pay so much attention to our finances, our worklife, our family – sometimes fitness becomes a distant memory, a long lost treasure of youth.

For anyone younger reading this it might sound ridiculous, it might appear unnecessary, for weight just never sticks to you – “I can eat and drink what I like and never put on weight” – well just “weight”, it will catch up.

So is fitness a high priority? Is it something that gets you up pounding the pavements at 5:00 am? Or, like me as I was cruising through my early 30’s, was it something that seemed to silently depart without you even knowing leaving a rather larger version of you as a result?

Just a Game

Tonight I’m on my way for a weekly squash game playing in a local centre in an internal competition.

Having just heard who my opponent is I’m already turned off … I’m up against that guy who takes his sport far too seriously.

I’m sure we’ve all met them, or maybe are one ourselves, the person who plays in the local competition as if life depended on it.

I’m not against playing hard, certainly prefer to win than lose … but now past 40 my aspirations of making the national team for anything other than maybe coach driver have all but dissipated!

Especially when it comes to squash – those guys are superfit, and if truth be told … Well I’m not. 🙂

When Does Social Sport Go Too Far?

So when does social sport become unsocial? What do you do when your opponent is ready to take your head off if you’re winning?

I play simply to get a little exercise, to maintain this fine figure attained after years of dietary abuse. I also play for enjoyment, for some time away from the office. But tonight I’d have been as happy to stay back.

20111103-194402.jpgSo far I’ve only spoken about direct competitors, older folk like me still silly enough to play – worse is the spectators, the parents who didn’t quite make it and now are riding their kids – saw plenty of this coaching.

I assume this isn’t just a modern phenomena, that this equation has been going on for generations but fear that today’s society increasingly is more concerned with winning at all costs rather than enjoying some down time and playing for fun – after all it’s just a game, isn’t it?