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Australian Coat of Arms

The Kangaroo and Emu

Standing astride our national coat of arms are the Kangaroo and the Emu. National symbols of pride? Of our unique culture and Australian fauna?

No, the kangaroo and emu form part of our leading food sources! Are there other nations that treat their nationally recognised coat of arms as good tucker?

The UK coat of arms boasts a lion and a unicorn – so can assume they don’t eat those. Henry VIII had a dragon and a dog … again don’t think it formed part of their daily cuisine. In the US, it’s the bald eagle … endangered species and highly protected.

But here in good ole Oz we take our national symbols of pride and proudly serve them on the dinner plate!

You got to love the Aussie way!

Food, Glorious Food

Last night we celebrated my dad’s birthday. So what better way to do this than share a meal.

I’m sure many have heard of slow cooking or slow food … in an era of fast food, takeaway, prepacked or microwave meals all too often we skip the traditional methods of first principles cooking.

The Sunday Roast

It used to be, certainly in English households, that the mum cooked up the Sunday roast, a nice leg of lamb, sometimes pork, or from what I’ve heard is the preference for the US, a roast beef.

Last night, albeit a Saturday, I cooked up a roast lamb. Two and a bit hours of cooking time devoured in less than 20 minutes!

But there’s something about a slow cooked meal, roasted vegetables, topped with dollops of gravy. Mouth watering, it’s the smells, the aroma that wafts through the house, something you can’t get from a microwave meal.

To sit with a nice glass (or two) of red and share a meal with family or friends truly has to be one of the best ways to spend time.

Slow Food Revolution

I hope that others are caught in the slow food revolution. It’s so worthwhile to eat a well prepared meal. To take time and enjoy a meal at the table with the family, with friends.

For me it’s definitely a roast lamb that does it, even pork with crackling comes a close second – but I can’t quite get around the roast beef … much prefer an eye fillet!


Sausage Roll n Sauce

So how would you eat a sausage roll?

For Fletch it was sideways – which happens to be the messiest, and most unusual way I’ve ever seen!

The ingenuity of children – always a fresh approach. I love it!


The Lunchtime Battleground

Warning: Smoking causes Irritable Bloggers.

Do Non Smokers Have Rights

Where to smoke?As a non smoker – OK you dragged it out of me – a reformed smoker! I have become frustrated giving up only to inhale the fumes without the filter.

Yes, it’s a rave. Yes, I know there is nowhere else to smoke. Yes, smokers have a right to smoke (currently). But why is it I have to share?

Reclaiming the Corners

There are only a handful of spots in the city, within a reasonable proximity, that would be a nice place to sit down and eat lunch. Yet I never ordered smoked sandwiches!

What is it about the die hard smokers today? When I was a smoker I was considerate of others – even I didn’t like to eat lunch with cigarette smoke being blown all over me.

For the third time in the past couple of weeks my lunch has been overwhelmed by the inundation of smokers.

Come on, give a guy a break – can’t I occupy a small corner of the city without being encapsulated by a cocoon of smoke?

The Sounds of Battle

As Sydney continues its stroll through the winter months, a patch of sun is proving the battleground for lunchtime activities.

But how do I compete? The chomping on a sandwich does not seem to phase my neighbouring smoker. As they exhale a waft of fumes the best I can do is eat with my mouth open! Maybe a loud belch would do it? Flatulence?

Give me land, lots of land …

I do empathise with the narrowing scope of designated smoking areas. Even the pubs are off limit.

Sure smokers have the right to smoke. Sure the outdoors is the last bastion.

But how about our non smoking rights? How about the decency to wait for me to at least finish my mouthful?

Is it too much to ask for a small sanctuary of scenic land in the city where I can breathe the fresh air of car exhaust, air conditioner outlets and all the other inner city fumes without the addition of cigarette smoke?

There must be others. There must be supporters who are sick of cowering behind their desk silently eating their vegemite sandwiches staring aimlessly at the swirly screensaver.

It’s time to make a stand! It’s time to step up! It’s time to take back our city streets, our doorways and the virtually extinct city bench!

Arise You Lunchtime Warriors

But how are we to reclaim our corners? Compete for the sacred place? Two words … Whoopie cushions.

We may not be able to flatulate in public but mock flatulence may work. Next time you are invaded by a throng of smokers let loose the whoopie cushion!

Disclaimer: Public flatulence is ill advised