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12 Angry Men

In the famous scenes of 12 Angry Men a panel of jurors were called to deliberate on a case which gradually turned as discussions ensued.20111114-090556.jpg

Well now it’s my turn, asked to attend the panel selection process for a 4 week trial. Four weeks seems a ridiculous amount of time to be extracted from life!

I understand someone’s life is in the balance, further that (at least in Australia) it’s a duty of citizenship – but for most people who are employed a 4 week break is extremely disruptive.

Trial of Patience

The first impression is that the process is a long drawn out system of attrition.

First is the briefing in small groups, then a large group briefing, a video, small groups, individual interviews, callouts and finally enpanelment.

Oh well, I’m seeing a theme to recent blogs around a teat of patience, from Manila to court – happy days!

PS Couldn’t upload this while in court complex but the update is I’ve been excused 🙂 which I’m pretty darn happy about.