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Icebreaker or Conversation Killer

Insert your convesation herePicture this image, you meet a stranger and start a discussion – in fact it becomes a long one. What do you discuss?

Yesterday I met a tourist promoting a charity, hoping to sign me up as a sponsor. We struck up a conversation. I saw an opportunity to recruit a part time copywriter and chatted about dLook.

At no point did I feel I was confronting, nor did I feel I was out of line. In fact I had a great opportunity to help her earn a few extra dollars.

Similarly, if I meet the owner of a business, I’m quick to launch into promoting online advertising, again I believe in the product, I know that for most businesses dLook offers a great product and it’s a great offer.

When I’m chatting with friends I feel no issue talking about a recent movie or expressing an opinion even if different to their own. If I’ve come across a good restaurant, a cool YouTube video or website I’ve stumbled upon – sure, I’ll chat about it.

Even people I don’t know well, casual acquaintances, I can be embroiled in debate over carbon tax, welfare, the environment.

At no time during these conversations do I feel I’ve stepped on someone’s toes, or been too polarizing in my views.

But if I talk about my faith, my Christian beliefs, mention the word Jesus or the bible, then I may see a different reaction. Why?

I believe in my faith, I feel I can share a great opportunity (like dLook there is a need to recruit people), I absolutely believe in the “product” or message. In terms of promoting a great story or life changing “carpe diem” moment what’s more important than eternal life? Yet, this subject is off limits, it’s taboo! For many, even the inclusion in this blog post is confronting, or maybe I’m tagged a bible basher. But why?

I can ask you to like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, I can promote my blog, though if I promote my Christian beliefs then I’m stepping on toes. I’d really like to understand why we can try to help someone improve their career, we can even help with “life coaching” but death coaching … different story.

How about you? What do you discuss? Fill in the conversation bubble – are you an ice breaker or a conversation killer? And if I were to approach you about my faith what’s the right way? How would you like me to broach the subject?