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The ANZAC Spirit

Today Australia remembers its armed service men and women who fought, who served and many who gave their lives to retain a lifestyle many of us take for granted.

It’s hard to consider sliding doors, what would have been had WWII gone in a different direction.

What Are We Fighting For?

The question I pondered this morning is what did we fight for? What freedoms, liberties, rights were the lives laid down for?

Are we honouring those lives now?

Are we thankful for our rights? Our right to vote, to worship, to attend school, for equality in race, gender?

More to the point, have we achieved those ideals? Are we any closer now to equality than in the 40’s?

There is still a real under current of rascism and sexism in Australian society – in fact today many Japanese and Korean descended men and women will stay at home today for fear of historic judgment.

Or our modern “enemy” broadly referred to as Muslims or the Islamic community. Are they entitled to the same freedoms?

How about Australian women? Are they achieving equality? Or do they suffer the same limitations of the 1950’s? A facade of opportunity yet still limited by the reality of a male dominated power class.

As we celebrate the bravery, the service of the ANZACs it’s important to remember the legacy they fought for. Why their lives were sacrificed. What rights, freedoms and rules were worth the lives of so many thousands of Australians.

Lest we forget.

XXX Olympics

London 2012 XXX Olympic Games

The Olympics – a test of courage, stamina, determination, strength, skill, speed and endurance.

It’s the pinnacle of sporting achievement. It’s finding your gift and using it to the maximum of your potential. Milking every last ounce, stretching yourself beyond what you first thought possible.

It’s the glory of gold, yet also the achievement of participating. It’s overcoming obstacles, challenges, trials.

It’s opportunity, it’s expectancy, it’s the best of the world performing at their best for a few brief weeks … in some cases just seconds. Where a millimeter, a microsecond can make all the difference.

The Spirit of the Games

It’s putting your heart and soul on the line in front of millions of supporters and combatants.

It’s standing for what you believe … it’s pride. Pride in your performance, for your team, your country and for the tradition that is the Olympics.

It’s about the fastest, the highest, the longest, the strongest, the closest.

It’s about records; your personal best, an Olympic record, maybe even the world record.

The Olympic games is about competition; it’s not just the winners but for all who compete.

There is No Overnight Success

Every single athlete that dons the colors of their country shares one thing in common – they have all endured endless hours of training, of setbacks, facing fears, challenges, they have stared down the face of insurmountable odds.

They all shared a dream that one day they would make it .

But ALL on the journey at some point questioned whether it was worth the sacrifice, worth the dedication, worth the suffering, the knock backs, the rejection, the early mornings, the late nights – yet each participant in the Olympic games has earned the right to be called an Olympian.

The Moment of Truth

Imagine stepping out to the stadium, lining up at the blocks, the countless hours, the pain, the preparation … all suddenly on the line.

There’s only one winner, one gold medal – some are knocked out as early as the first heat … but they did it. They dared to dream, they worked at it, fought for it and they achieved it.

They, all of them, stand amongst the elite, they stand as an Olympian.