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XXX Olympics

London 2012 XXX Olympic Games

The Olympics – a test of courage, stamina, determination, strength, skill, speed and endurance.

It’s the pinnacle of sporting achievement. It’s finding your gift and using it to the maximum of your potential. Milking every last ounce, stretching yourself beyond what you first thought possible.

It’s the glory of gold, yet also the achievement of participating. It’s overcoming obstacles, challenges, trials.

It’s opportunity, it’s expectancy, it’s the best of the world performing at their best for a few brief weeks … in some cases just seconds. Where a millimeter, a microsecond can make all the difference.

The Spirit of the Games

It’s putting your heart and soul on the line in front of millions of supporters and combatants.

It’s standing for what you believe … it’s pride. Pride in your performance, for your team, your country and for the tradition that is the Olympics.

It’s about the fastest, the highest, the longest, the strongest, the closest.

It’s about records; your personal best, an Olympic record, maybe even the world record.

The Olympic games is about competition; it’s not just the winners but for all who compete.

There is No Overnight Success

Every single athlete that dons the colors of their country shares one thing in common – they have all endured endless hours of training, of setbacks, facing fears, challenges, they have stared down the face of insurmountable odds.

They all shared a dream that one day they would make it .

But ALL on the journey at some point questioned whether it was worth the sacrifice, worth the dedication, worth the suffering, the knock backs, the rejection, the early mornings, the late nights – yet each participant in the Olympic games has earned the right to be called an Olympian.

The Moment of Truth

Imagine stepping out to the stadium, lining up at the blocks, the countless hours, the pain, the preparation … all suddenly on the line.

There’s only one winner, one gold medal – some are knocked out as early as the first heat … but they did it. They dared to dream, they worked at it, fought for it and they achieved it.

They, all of them, stand amongst the elite, they stand as an Olympian.


What Keeps You Fit

Well last night I was back up at the local squash court forcing ny body to move in ways it clearly wasn’t designed to!20111117-233649.jpg

I started squash about 10 years ago – with the onset of my 30’s I noticed the departure of health. With kids, work, and responsibility it allowed little time for something selfish like exercise. After all it almost seems self indulgent!

Taking time out to get fit – or maintain these amazingly developed curves (rolls) became a luxury and so any definition I may have had was smoothed into gentle rolling waves of “looser” muscle. 🙂

The battle with weight catches up with most of us and, at least in my case coincided with a growing interest in food. Getting on the scales and seeing weights a test batsman would be proud of galvanised me into action.

So I stumbled into a squash court, took up a nice easy game that doesn’t overly test your fitness … well not originally because I couldn’t run after the first or second shot!

How Important is Exercise?

We pay so much attention to our finances, our worklife, our family – sometimes fitness becomes a distant memory, a long lost treasure of youth.

For anyone younger reading this it might sound ridiculous, it might appear unnecessary, for weight just never sticks to you – “I can eat and drink what I like and never put on weight” – well just “weight”, it will catch up.

So is fitness a high priority? Is it something that gets you up pounding the pavements at 5:00 am? Or, like me as I was cruising through my early 30’s, was it something that seemed to silently depart without you even knowing leaving a rather larger version of you as a result?

Just a Game

Tonight I’m on my way for a weekly squash game playing in a local centre in an internal competition.

Having just heard who my opponent is I’m already turned off … I’m up against that guy who takes his sport far too seriously.

I’m sure we’ve all met them, or maybe are one ourselves, the person who plays in the local competition as if life depended on it.

I’m not against playing hard, certainly prefer to win than lose … but now past 40 my aspirations of making the national team for anything other than maybe coach driver have all but dissipated!

Especially when it comes to squash – those guys are superfit, and if truth be told … Well I’m not. 🙂

When Does Social Sport Go Too Far?

So when does social sport become unsocial? What do you do when your opponent is ready to take your head off if you’re winning?

I play simply to get a little exercise, to maintain this fine figure attained after years of dietary abuse. I also play for enjoyment, for some time away from the office. But tonight I’d have been as happy to stay back.

20111103-194402.jpgSo far I’ve only spoken about direct competitors, older folk like me still silly enough to play – worse is the spectators, the parents who didn’t quite make it and now are riding their kids – saw plenty of this coaching.

I assume this isn’t just a modern phenomena, that this equation has been going on for generations but fear that today’s society increasingly is more concerned with winning at all costs rather than enjoying some down time and playing for fun – after all it’s just a game, isn’t it?

The World Game


Great chance to see the opening game of Australia’s A League with Sydney’s first home game against Brisbane Roar.

Good time with my dad and brother – albeit watching a loss!

Cracker game, 0 – 2 score.

Is it Ok for a Man to Cry?

Can you cry? Will you allow yourself to cry? Or do you feel that suppressing emotion is more manly? When is it ok for men to cry?

OK to cry

A response to Jermaine Donaldson’s post When Can A Man Cry. Jermaine explores when it’s ok for a man to cry. He uses the example of Michael Jordan on winning the Larry O’Brien trophy – tick. Sporting hero crying, yep that’s ok.

A Man Can Cry if

The image above from the trenches in the Korean war? Hey that must be a tick. Again, war hero – right?

How about crying at a funeral for a loved one? Achieving your own sporting highlight? Are they ok?

Sure most will give ticks to these … what about the birth of your child? On your wedding day? A baptism? Are we still on safe ground?

Let’s move where it’s a little more shaky – is it ok to cry during a movie? Like the Field of Dreams? We’re still in the sports realm at least. Braveheart? War. How about Dead Poet’s Society? Sorry, but I’m shedding a tear or two!

I commented on Jermaine’s post that I cry regularly, which it’s probably more apt to say I don’t try to stop the tears when they come. I started to think what events or things have made me shed tears recently?

Top Tear Jerkers

Brisbane VolunteersFirst up I remembered the devastation in Australia earlier this year, where Brisbane was hit by the worst flood in 40 years. On January 15 I remember being glued to my TV with streams of tears as I watched the clean up effort get underway. Dubbed Salvation Saturday, 22,000 Australians both locals and interstate travelers converged on Brisbane and surrounding cities to lend a hand. It was an amazing response to a natural disaster and seeing people bond together regardless of race, beliefs, gender, status was overwhelming.

The other vivid memory for me where I literally wept was watching The Passion. I challenge anyone to watch that and not be moved. I sat alone in front of the DVD and pressed play. I remember starting it again as I didn’t expect it to kick off where it did. The next 127 minutes were nothing short of gut wrenching. For those afraid to cry watch that movie. For if you believe to be a man you don’t cry then check out what Jesus went through and then look at John 11:35.

Should A Man Cry?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me I have learnt that bottling my emotions until they explode hasn’t helped. I believe to have the courage to shed a tear when you are moved takes more strength than keeping up appearances.

So am I just a big wimp? Too tapped into my feminine side? Or proudly masculine whether displaying all types of emotion? How about you? Can you cry? Will you allow yourself to cry? Or do you feel that suppressing this emotion is more manly?